Radio personality says working with Kini Shandu on Gagasi FM was the ‘worst year’ of her career

Kini Shandu with Gagasi FM producer Thozama Ngwenya. Picture: File.

Kini Shandu with Gagasi FM producer Thozama Ngwenya. Picture: File.

Published Jan 10, 2024


The walls are closing in on Kini Shandu as more people are opening up about their experiences with him.

Radio personality Clarissa Mfeka took to social media to tell her followers about her experience working with Shandu, who recently made headlines for his misogynistic comments.

In 2016, Mfeka worked with Shandu on a prime show at Gagasi FM and she describes it as the “worst year” of her radio career.

“It was a horrible experience working with him. Prior to us working together, I did not know this man. Management called us in prior to the new season to express their excitement and relay their expectation to us.

Clarrisa Mfeka. Picture: Instagram

“It was the first time being paired together by the station and I’m pretty sure wancifa, that’s how dissatisfied he was. I left that boardroom disappointed.

“I assumed, at the time, maybe he had some ongoing issue with management,” said Mfeka.

“From that day, it was horrible. Even from sitting down together to try to structure for the show, he wasn’t about that.

“He didn’t want to do that with me. We were one of the few shows at the time that had a content producer and if it wasn’t for her being a buffer between us, I probably would have contributed zero to that show.”

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Mfeka said Shandu made her feel so worthless that she ended up dreading going to work. She said she spoke to management and begged them to take her back to her previous show.

Eventually, Shandu left and things started getting better for her.

“When he left the station, Felix Hlophe stood in for him, so we co-hosted. Hlophe was so excited because he knew my energy, he knew my vibe.

“I’ll forever be grateful for Hlophe, he lifted me. He reversed all those horrible experiences, reignited my flame, and was the big brother I needed,” Mfeka explained.

She added that when she saw that the man who had tormented her co-founded Sebenza Women Awards, she was shocked because she didn’t know he had it in him to celebrate women.

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In solidarity with women, Ncumisa Ndelu, a recipient of the Sebenza Women Awards, has taken back the award she received from the organisation.

She said it felt like the right thing to do because at the event last year, she experienced patriarchy not only from men who organised the event but other women in attendance as well.

“When I expressed my wish for the award to be handed over by a woman, it was women who admonished me! I heard the murmurs in the room and saw the comments on social media. I was gutted.

“It hurt me to see some women expecting me to take such foolishness with a smile and grace. All in all, the Sebenza Women Awards, or at least my experience of it is a sham. The idea of the awards is great, but in its current form, it’s a no for me,” said Ndelu.

Shandu had not responded to the allegations against him at the time of publication as he’s currently at a church pilgrimage in Nhlangakazi Mountain.