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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Rethabile Khumalo recently fell victim to an alleged booking scam in Botswana

Rethabile Khumalo, daughter of singer Winnie Khumalo. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Rethabile Khumalo, daughter of singer Winnie Khumalo. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Oct 30, 2023


Rethabile Khumalo, daughter of singer Winnie Khumalo, has rapidly risen to stardom thanks to her incredible talent and hit songs.

However, even rising stars can face challenges, as Khumalo recently found out after falling victim to an alleged booking scam in Botswana.

Khumalo is no stranger to the spotlight. She hails from a family with deep roots in the music industry, and her journey to fame seemed inevitable.

Her powerful voice and magnetic stage presence have led to some of the biggest songs in South Africa, making her a household name.

Her breakthrough came with the hit single "Umlilo", which quickly captured the hearts of music lovers across the country.

Recently, Khumalo was set to perform at a highly anticipated event in Botswana known as "The Night Of Stars."

However, what should have been an exciting opportunity turned into a sour experience due to money-related issues and alleged contract violations.

Khumalo shared her disappointment and said: "I just wanted to clear the rumour that I will not be performing at ‘The Night Of Stars’ in Botswana because the people behind the show did not live up to the expectations of the contract.

"They used my picture in the poster without my consent and without paying anything. Even now, they are still giving us a hard time."

Booking scams, such as the one Khumalo faced, not only harm the artist financially but also damage their reputation and trust within the industry.

Additionally, unauthorised use of an artist's image can be considered intellectual property infringement, violating the artist's rights and intellectual property laws.

Incidents like the alleged booking scam involving Khumalo are illegal for several reasons.

These actions infringe upon the legal protections and rights afforded to artists in the entertainment industry, potentially leading to legal consequences for those responsible.

Fans were still able to shed some positivity and upliftment to Rethabile. Ammara Brown commented: “Aish 😌 sorry my babe. But good thing you are always a star 🤩 Onwards and upwards.”