‘Selling Sunset’ season 7 reunion confirms what fans knew: Jason still has feelings for Chrishell

A few of the cast members on the TV series “Selling Sunset”. Picture: Instagram

A few of the cast members on the TV series “Selling Sunset”. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 16, 2023


Selling Sunset” season 7 recently hit Netflix and it’s already blowing up as one of the hottest shows in South Africa. The popular real estate reality show is a roller-coaster of drama and love twists - with some breathtaking properties too.

Two seasons ago, Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause started dating. But their relationship ended due to his reluctance to become a father

Fast-forward to the latest season, the two are still on good terms. But for Oppenheim, with a smile so bright it could outshine a house on “Selling Sunset”, he seems to still have a twinkle in his eye whenever Stause is around.

This left viewers perplexed as they attempted to figure out if those heart eyes were for Stause or just a really good real estate deal. And they weren’t the only ones wondering because even Oppenheim’s real estate colleagues teased him about still having a soft spot for Stause.

In a bid to finally get some answers, the “Selling Sunset“ season 7 reunion host Tan France decided to hook the Oppenheim Group boss to a lie detector machine to get him to spill the tea about his feelings for Stause.

And despite Oppenheim’s strong denial, the lie detector test revealed that he is still in love with Stause. This revelation on the show’s reunion episode caused the actress and real estate broker to cover her face with embarrassment.

And while Stause is married to Australian musician, it did mark the end of Oppenheim’s relationship with German model Marie-Lou Nurk, who made appearances in season 6 and 7 of “Selling Sunset”, which was officially confirmed in May.

Filming for the current season of the show kicked off ahead of the breakup with tensions escalating on screen between Nurk and Stause.

This continued during the reunion episode when Stause maintaining that although they appeared to get along off-camera, Nurk was responsible for introducing drama as a mere topic for the on-camera narrative.

“I’m tired of being people’s topic and punching bag on camera,” Stause said during the reunion episode.

The drama between Oppenheim, Stause and Nurk caught the attention of social media users.

@nadiakismet wrote on X: “I blame Jason. Why do you need your gf to be friends with your ex so bad. 🤨”

@debbiekusa added: “No wonder Chrishell is snapping back at all the bullies. It’s exhausting. But Chrishell corrects them with poise, grace, and verifiable facts.

“ All these woken are trying to compete with Chrishell and it comes across as so lame and unnecessary. Go sell a house! Go get a BFF. Stop tearing down others to build yourselves up. It’s not working.”