WATCH: Burna Boy on new album ‘I Told Them…’

Burna Boy in studio. Picture: Supplied

Burna Boy in studio. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 24, 2023


Afrobeats global superstar Burna Boy is gearing up for the release of his seventh studio album, “I Told Them…”, and according to him, this is the beginning of a new level.

Speaking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, the Grammy award-winning artist shared that he is showing a side of himself that people don’t really get to see and encapsulates a “can’t be stopped” energy.

“This is a side where people don’t really get to see because I don’t really care for anyone to see. I’m now showing everyone that the combination of worlds is something that we haven’t really capitalised on.

“Because at the end of the day, once we’re all unified, everything else, the fruits of that just take care of everything.“

Zane Lowe and Burna Boy. Picture: Supplied

Expanding on the title of his new album and what it means, the chart-topping artist revealed that this title was aimed at those who didn’t believe in him.

“It’s for those who didn’t believe or doubt it, or still doubt… And not just them, it’s like everyone that ever heard me speak in the past or when I’d first started.

“You can go back to my old tweets. I basically predicted everything that’s happening now. So this is basically that. It’s fun to tell people something is true, and they doubt, and then they end up seeing it. There’s no greater feeling,” said the “Last Last” hitmaker.

Feeling a sense of fulfilment, the star said that he doesn’t want any sort of credit, but only from where it matters.

“I want to go somewhere where it’s like they see the work, the journey and everything, and they’re like, ‘This is amazing. Yeah, congratulations’. That’s the type of sh** that means something.

“You don’t get that in my country. It means something to the people who are not part of the game in a way. It means something to people who have nothing to gain or lose and no stakes in the matter.”

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