WATCH: Siya Kolisi acknowledges wife Rachel’s unwavering love

Siya and Rachel Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Siya and Rachel Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 13, 2023


Siya Kolisi has expressed deep gratitude for wife Rachel, stating that none of his achievements would have been possible without her, during a conversation with media personality, Siv Ngesi.

In the video clip shared on Instagram, Siya recognised Rachel’s significant role in their marriage, family, and career, emphasising that none of his achievements would have been possible without her support.

Siya shared that Rachel has been his rock, supporting him through challenging times and believing in his potential.

He also recounted how Rachel stood by him when he was not in a good place, taking in two other children and helping him create a family.

Siya acknowledges her unwavering love and support, even during his lowest moments, and appreciates her belief in his ability to become a better person.

“I wanted a family, I longed for a family. She got pregnant and before Nick was born we found my brother and sister.

“And she took in two other kids who couldn’t speak a word of English and I was not in a good place. I was living like I had no family. She stayed with me,” recounted Siya.

Siya emphasised that Rachel always believed in his potential, even during his lowest moments.

He recognised the significance of someone loving and supporting you at your worst, indicating that Rachel is his person and has witnessed him during his most challenging times.

“She always saw the person that I could become and she believed it. And you know when someone loves you at your worst, then you know that’s your person and she’s seen me at my worst,” added Siya.

In their conversation, mental health was also discussed, with Ngesi expressing his contemplation about seeking therapy to cope with the passing of his mother.

Siya encouraged him to pursue professional help, understanding the value of seeking support from mental health professionals in times of grief and emotional difficulties.

Siya’s appreciation for his wife and his encouragement for others to prioritise mental health demonstrate his understanding of the vital roles these factors play in personal growth, relationships, and overall happiness.