WATCH: Tony Forbes reminisces about AKA’s life on ‘Within with Hazel’ podcast

Tony Forbes visited his son, AKA’s burial site recently. Picture: Instagram

Tony Forbes visited his son, AKA’s burial site recently. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 9, 2024


In the latest episode of the “Within with Hazel” podcast, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’s father, Tony Forbes, joined host Hazel Kotu to reminisce about the rap icon’s life.

Saturday, February 10, marks the one year death anniversary of the “Mass Country” album hitmaker.

After AKA’s passing, the Forbes family openly talked about how his death affected their lives. In Tony’s latest interview, he shared the highs and lows of his slain son’s life.

He spoke about being a strict father to the point where AKA “hated him”.

“I was very strict on my kids. I wanted them to do the things that I was taught, so work hard at school for example, and be disciplined, so I was tough on them.

“I remember Kiernan, years later when he had grown up, he said ‘dad I used to hate you, but I didn’t realise at the time you were training me’. So I think there are more good things that came from that,” said Tony.

He said, in turn AKA, was very strict with his daughter, Kairo Forbes.

Tony said despite being strict, he and Lynn Forbes (AKA’s mother) instilled good values in their children.

“We instilled good values like work ethic, respect for other people, being bold to pursue your dreams, having pride in your country, always being willing to help people.

“Our children are their own people. Kiernan was his own man, but there were certain foundational values that we instilled in him.”

He said that AKA had his personality: “His mannerisms, his sense of humour, his competitiveness, creativity and being bold. It’s my personality. There are a lot of things I can’t claim credit for in terms of what he achieved but I guess he took mostly after me.

“As a child he was very good natured. He didn’t have a malicious bone in his body. I think the Kiernan of the later year’s was a bit different, he evolved, he became very outspoken, as a child he was not like that.

AKA also shared a lot of his mother’s qualities, as Tony explained: “He was a very sensitive soul. Much more sensitive than me. He was foolish like me, but he was also wise. And I think he got that from his mother.”

Tony also opened up about AKA's murder and love life, revealing that actress and fashion designer Enhle Mbali, Black Coffee's ex-wife, was AKA’s first girlfriend.

“I always thought Mbali was gonna be my daughter in-law, I loved Mbali, I still love Mbali. She's talented and beautiful as Nadia. I love Nadia, that's my nature, I accept and embrace,” said Tony.

Watch full interview below: