‘You! I thank God for you!’ DJ Zinhle and fans react to Mörda’s AKA tribute post

Mörda’s tribute post to AKA. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Mörda’s tribute post to AKA. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Nov 30, 2023


In a world where dealing with exes and their new partners can feel like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded, kudos to those who prioritize co-parenting and family over getting entangled in the messy details.

Recently, Murdah Bongz (professionally known as Mörda) stirred emotions with an Instagram post paying tribute to the late AKA. The Mohigan Sun hitmaker's heartfelt message resonated with fans and struck a chord with his wife, DJ Zinhle, who expressed gratitude to him.

Mzansi is still feeling the weight of AKA's loss and people are finding small but meaningful ways to honour and remember him.

Despite the sadness, South Africa is cranking up his music - playing it loud and proud, ensuring that AKA's legacy lives on through the beats and lyrics that became a part of our lives.

Bongz shared a snapshot capturing a moment beside the legendary Supa Mega, complementing it with a video showcasing fans enthusiastically engaged in the wedding shuffle to the late rapper's iconic track, "Jika," featuring Yanga Chief.

The caption read: “Still with us all. Forever immortal. What a moment. SM. 🙏🏿🔥”

@djzinhle commented: "You! I thank God for you!"

“It’s too deep bro God bless you,” @wadza_level_up_collection wrote.

“They killed hum physically but spiritually is a different story,” @mokgethimash expressed. “Im sure they never expected this, they are watching in disbelief. Long Live AKA.”

@drthabo sang Bongz’ praises: "They don't make your kind anymore. More power and more grace to your family."

Bongz is out here living his best life, doing what he does like a champ. Fans, including his bae, are all proud watching him level up in every way as the days roll on.

_banzz commented: “One thing about Bongz, he always looks like hes having a time in his pictures ❤️love it”

“U r definitely living your best life 🙌,” @sylvie_dufie25 wrote.