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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Doja Cat called out for substituting milk with mayonnaise in her cereal

Doja Cat. Picture: Doja Cat Instagram

Doja Cat. Picture: Doja Cat Instagram

Published Oct 10, 2023


To my knowledge, cereal is all about simplicity.

All you need is a clean bowl, cereal of your choice, milk, and sugar or yoghurt (if needed). At least, that is what I thought.

But people out there are having their breakfast cereal with mayonnaise. Talk about bizarre!

American rapper and singer Doja Cat was called out earlier this week on Instagram for enjoying the cereal and mayonnaise combination.

I have also realised that she is not the only one who enjoys it. On social media, there are a number of posts and videos of people trying out the combination for breakfast, with many commenting that “it slaps”.

The Grammy award-winner took to the social networking service and shared a picture of Kellogg’s coco pops mixed with Zaanse mayonaise with the caption: “y’all have any ufo stories?”

Her meal did not interest her followers.

One user wrote: “You know you’re hella wrong for what you did!”

A second user wrote: “You're an adult, stop behaving like a teenager.”

A third commented: “Mmh, she's a devil, she ate mayonnaise with the cereal.”

Another user questioned: Why did you have to bring up the Dutch mayonnaise?”

This is not the first time I have come across a bizarre cereal combo. In 2020, people were putting ice cubes in their bowls.

According to fans of the combo, milk becomes lukewarm when it is combined with cereal. However, adding ice cubes helps the milk stay cold - or, in some cases, even colder than it started.

One Reddit user noted that this is especially ideal for sweeter cereals, as the extra-cold milk makes the dish taste like ice cream.