How to be a trendsetter in your unique way

Trendsetters aren’t afraid to accessorise. Picture: Pexels.

Trendsetters aren’t afraid to accessorise. Picture: Pexels.

Published Mar 28, 2024


Everyone is a fashionista in their own right, the only difference is style. Others have better taste better than others, while some prefer to be plain and simple.

When it comes to fashion, each to their own. But remember that you will be judged according to your style.

For example, some people can afford expensive clothes but still look cheap. And some make cheap clothes look expensive, and we call those the trendsetters.

Trendsetters don’t follow fashion rules. They make everything look stylish, no matter how basic it is.

And if you want to be a trendsetter, here are Zaweer Ebrahim’s tips you can follow. Ebrahim is a fashionista and manager at Playboy.


The secret sauce in the world of fashion is accessories. Add those big earrings, that watch and a gold chain and watch your outfit go from three to seven real quick.

Accessories are like the cherry on top, they speak loudly about your unique style.

Trendsetters will always find an accessory to make statement with, and it’s usually a handbag.


A good scent will get you noticed. Instead of wearing one perfume, use at least three at the same time to create a unique scent. That way, you won’t smell like everyone else but will surely leave a remarkable scent.

Be Bold

A true trendsetter is not shy to stand out from the crowd, so dare to be bold. Whether it's through striking patterns, unique silhouettes, or bold accessories, always let your individuality shine through.

Boldness knows no bounds, so express yourself in ways that truly resonate with your style.

Trendsetters dare to be bold. Picture: Pexels.


Everyone is unique, even identical twins. Use your uniqueness to your advantage. That way, you’ll always make clothes look good and not the other way around.


You can wear all the nice clothes, but without confidence, you won’t be seen.

Take yourself as a supermodel and always walk tall, and soon enough, people around you will feel your confidence as you enter the room and know that you vibrate at the highest frequency.

Trendsetters are confident. Picture: Pexels.