International brands re-imagine the future of fashion

Look 23 from the Diesel Spring/Summer 24.

Look 23 from the Diesel Spring/Summer 24.

Published Sep 26, 2023


Fashion is in full swing as we see designers unveiling their latest collections in anticipation of the next season.

Fashion is one of the most interesting forms of art because it evolves with time. Trends are set based on what people are doing, and that influences what they should be wearing.

At the recently-held Milan Fashion Week, international designers pulled out all the stops to showcase their Spring/Summer 24 collections.

One of the brands that caught our eye was Diesel, which created a festival-like fashion show.

For this show, which took place at Scalo Farini, the brand wanted its guests to feel like they were at a party while attending a fashion show.

The venue was also transformed into a cinema, showcasing films curated by the brand’s creative director, Glenn Martens.

“Diesel loves to party, so we invited over 7 000 people to our free rave, and then everybody to our free weekend film festival. The collection is the spirit of Diesel, democratic and experimental in every piece. I believe in living life to the fullest that every day should be a party,” said Martens.

Meanwhile, adidas is also catching up on the football jersey as a fashion statement.

Following a successful campaign with Thebe Magugu, adidas is ready to turn football jerseys into street fashion.

I mean, most men who follow football take pride in the teams they support, and that’s why some don’t even mind wearing football jerseys to a date.

Well, at least they will now be stylish, since adidas has just launched its new LFSTLR jersey collection, featuring the season 23/24 third jerseys of some of its leading clubs, re-imagined as fashion-focused, lifestyle streetwear.

Football jerseys are officially a fashion statement.

“The lines between football and fashion have never been more blurred, which is why we’re excited to launch this new collection for fans who want to show off their club pride in style and comfort.

“Each of the clubs featured in the LFSTLR collection are globally recognised institutions whose appeal stretch beyond a purely football context,” said Sam Handy, vice-president product and design, adidas football.

“That’s why we wanted to challenge and redefine the traditional concept of a replica jersey and tap into current streetwear trends – making them a welcome addition to the wardrobe of any fashion-conscious supporter.”

These inventions are a true reflection of fashion-forward statements because whether you like it or not, fashion isn’t going anywhere.