LOOK: Mixed reactions as Nene Leakes reveals yet another look

Nene Leakes. Picture: Instagram.

Nene Leakes. Picture: Instagram.

Published Mar 6, 2024


At some point, we need to be honest about cosmetic surgery. Of course, everyone can do whatever they want with their bodies, as long as it’s safe.

But undergoing surgeries where you are beyond recognition, is wild.

Reality TV star Nene Leakes became the talk of the town once more, for looking different after her previous surgery.

A photo was taken of her attending a friend’s wedding in Atlanta with her boyfriend, Nyonisela Sioh.

The couple look stylish in their outfits but it was hard to recognise Leakes – her face looks slimmer, her cheekbones slightly higher and her nose narrower than before.

Nene Leakes. Picture: Instagram.

Her followers on Instagram said she looked more like Porsha Williams than herself.

“Plastic surgeon: what brings you in today? Nene: Give me the Porsha face,” said moreo_rless33.

On X, her followers are raving about the great job her surgeon did.

“She looks damn good. The side part is everybody’s friend because everybody can’t pull off a centre part and she was committed to wearing that for the last five years. Bravo to the switch up,” said @JazzNSummer.

Another X user, @Thosi43314438, said: “Her plastic surgeon hollered. Who said money can't buy you happiness hasn't followed Nene Leakes from her day one cos (because) Moghel is a whole new her!

“Nna bothata gakena zaka but also ke tshaba (my only problem is that I don’t have money and I’m scared of) surgical everything adawise (otherwise),I'd DM her for her exact body of work.”

While many complimented her new look, some said she needed to stop altering her nose.

Below are more reactions from fans about Leakes’ look.