The best cookbooks of 2023

The Smart Choice Cookbook by B-well collaborates with CANSA

The Smart Choice Cookbook by B-well collaborates with CANSA

Published Dec 18, 2023


Put on your apron and prepare your kitchen, because it is time to get busy.

Every year an abundance of new cookbooks is published, and it can be overwhelming trying to find the right one to add to your collection.

The good news is that below we have some of the best of the latest cookbooks. Be sure to check them out.

Bringing It Home by The Chilli Chocolate Chefs. Picture: Supplied

Bringing It Home by The Chilli Chocolate Chefs

This was the fourth cookbook by “The Chilli Chocolate Chefs” Faatimah and Zainab Paruk and it was popular in the year 2023.

“Bring It Home” came about when the sisters decided to go on holiday to get their creative energies flowing, giving themselves space to dream, and visualising a recipe book that they would be proud of.

The buzzwords during this time were: simplicity, delicious flavours, appetising, effortless and back to basics.

This is exactly what their customers have been telling them – wanting simple and easy things to prepare, that taste as good as it looks, if not better, and do not require slogging away in the kitchen.

Faatimah said the chapters in the book have been carefully curated with specific and varied themes in mind. These include: cool as ice, alfresco dining, gourmet feasts, Italian country cooking, and their favourite “my big fat Indian spread”.

“What makes this recipe book different from the previous books, is that the book epitomises the back-to-basics concept.

“It’s the fresh flavours we grew up with, the different styles and tastes that we gathered from the various restaurants we worked into the amazing chefs we have worked under,” she said.

My Story, My Heritage by Fatima Sydow. Picture: Supplied

My Story, My Heritage by Fatima Sydow

Fatima Sydow is known for her Cape Malay-style dishes and sweet treats and has won the hearts and appetites of food lovers all over South Africa.

Earlier this year, Sydow released “My Story, My Heritage”, a cookbook that takes foodies on a nostalgic journey through the memories of the many important feasts celebrated in her Cape Malay culture.

Starting with old-school family favourites, she recalls her upbringing on the Cape Flats as well as stories of Ramadaan, Labarang (Eid), a wedding in the community, and fond recollections of the festive season.

Woven through these memories are recipes for salt and pepper chicken, bean curry, Ramadaan boeka plates, Labarang sweet treats, and desserts, as well as her ultimate braai ideas.

tashas Inspired by Natasha Sideris

tashas “Inspired” is another popular cookbook to check out this year. With Christmas around the corner, this cookbook will help you get your planning, shopping, cooking, serving – and most importantly – enjoying done.

Sideris who is the founder of the tashas Group said Christmas in their home was a time to slow down and gather together with a feast of food with dishes often inspired by their own childhood memories, travels around the world or old family recipes.

The book is divided into seven chapters – Café Society, A Spanish Affair, Le Bistro, The Levant Kitchen, A New York State of Mind, A Day in the Country, and The Mediterranean Kitchen.

It encourages home cooks to think like a restaurateur and create memorable meals by considering all the elements that lend themselves to a specific menu, including the table setting and the music.

The Smart Choice Cookbook by B-well collaborates with CANSA. Picture: Supplied

The Smart Choice Cookbook by B-well collaborates with CANSA

In the month of October, aligned with Cancer Awareness Month, B-well took a more proactive approach than usual in the journey toward health and wellness by launching the “The Smart Choice Cookbook”, a collaboration with the Cancer Association of South Africa.

The cookbook is a testament to B-well’s commitment to empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to make informed dietary choices.

Written by Cansa nutrition and dietetics consultant, Megan Pentz-Kluyts, this cookbook is not just a collection of recipes; it is a comprehensive resource tailored to promote cancer prevention and overall well-being.

“B-well's dedication to enhancing the lives of our consumers extends beyond providing top-quality products. We believe in equipping individuals with the resources that foster a healthier lifestyle and a brighter future,” the organisation said.