Thoughtful gifts to get for hard-working mothers

Mother’s Day is on May 12. Picture: Pexels.

Mother’s Day is on May 12. Picture: Pexels.

Published May 3, 2024


Every second Sunday of May, people commemorate Mother’s Day.

Although it is called “Mother’s Day”, this day is not just reserved for mothers but it’s a celebration of all women who play a motherly role in society.

Mother’s Day is important because these women do an incredible job of raising children, nurturing them with love and supporting them in every way possible.

And we all know that being a mother is a full-time job.

So this Mother’s Day, make sure you get them a meaningful gift they will appreciate.

It doesn’t have to be bought. Acts of service can be a thoughtful gift, depending on the type of mom your mother is.

What’s nice about acts of service is that they bring back the community of motherhood and remind you as a mother that you don’t have to do it alone.

In the past, women would build a community to help one another navigate motherhood and it was amazing because if your mom had to work on a weekend, she would ask Aunt Maria (who is not even related to you) to look after you, and you would be treated you like one of her children.

Those are the traditions that this generation of mothers seem to have moved away from and it needs to change because no matter how a great mother you are, you do need a bit of assistance here and there.

After all, it takes a village to raise a child.

And what better way to build that community than by showing acts of service as gifts this Mother’s Day? Below are some ideas for all kinds of moms.

This Mother’s Day show more love with acts of service. Picture: Pexels.

A cleaning spree for a first-time newborn’s mom

Most first-time mothers don’t even know what they are doing, they are just winging it. I've noticed that we are in the era of millennials becoming mothers.

And since most of them are in the cities, some don’t have much help from their families because they live far away. And it's no secret that first-time mothers don't get enough time to clean, and not everyone can afford to pay for a helper.

Their focus is on the baby.

If you know a first-time mother who doesn’t have much help, be the community she needs and offer to clean her house for her. It may seem small but it’s a grand gesture that she will definitely appreciate.

A spa date for a foster mom

Most foster moms hardly get enough time for themselves because they usually look after many children at once. Be kind enough to offer her a spa date so that she can get pampered while you look after her kids.

This can be a joint effort between you and other ladies who want to show their appreciation for women who look after orphaned children.

Lunch date for a stay-at-home mom

Stay-at-home moms hardly go out except when they are doing grocery shopping or taking the kids to school.

This Mother’s Day, tell your friend who’s a stay-at-home to get ready because you are taking her out for lunch without the kids. Make that part clear, or she might bring the cute babies to the date, which will defeat the purpose.

Tell her to ask her partner or someone she trusts to look after the children for a few hours while she goes out and enjoys being herself for a little while.

Home-cooked lunch for a working mom

Working moms don’t get enough time to cook. And when they do cook, it’s those easy meals like mac and cheese, or pap and wors. Seven colours are a thing of the past because, even on weekends, they must do laundry and spend more time with their children.

And since Mother’s Day is on a Sunday and we know that in South African tradition, Sundays are for several colour dishes, and that’s what you should prepare for that mom who’s working hard.

Go to her house, help her prepare that meal and enjoy a nice conversation. That would be so thoughtful because she will get to unwind, and even have something nice to take for lunch to work the next day.

A gift card for a single mom

Single mothers carry parenthood on their backs, so what better way to gift them than to help them a bit financially? Although they won’t tell you, they do sometimes run short.

And the best way is to give them a shopping voucher that they can use to either buy themselves something nice or maybe get their children some winter clothes.

Whichever gift you choose for your mom, please make sure it is something they need and you know they will appreciate.