Unpacking fashion, travel and body positivity with content creator Oyama Botha

The stylish Oyama Botha. Picture: Supplied.

The stylish Oyama Botha. Picture: Supplied.

Published Feb 21, 2024


It’s no longer the ‘80s or the ‘90s where the beauty standards are measured by how slim your body is. Times have changed and so have the beauty standards.

It’s been a long time coming but we are glad that plus-size girls finally have a seat at the table. Although some people have not entirely caught on because fatphobia is still a thing, plus-size girls are embracing their bodies like no other and we are here for it.

“Yes, over the past few years, there has been a positive shift in the fashion industry towards greater inclusivity, including the inclusion of plus-size models.

Fashion and travel content creator and body positivity advocate, Oyama Botha, said: “Several factors have contributed to this change. Apart from the rise of consumer demand, influential figures being able to voice opinions on fashion needs means the body positivity movement has gained momentum, and advocating for acceptance and appreciation of all body types that previously were not typically included.”

The stylish Oyama Botha. Picture: Supplied.

“This movement has influenced both consumers and industry professionals to re-evaluate beauty standards and promote a more inclusive approach to fashion.

“It has caused fashion labels and designers to have specifically created plus-size fashion lines, demonstrating a commitment to catering to a broader range of body sizes and shapes,” she added.

She said that while there is progress, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure that diversity is not just a trend but a permanent shift in the fashion landscape.

And this is why Botha is a perfect example if you’re looking for a plus-size fashion and travel girl, who serves in all aspects of beauty, body, brains and elite content creation.

Hailing from the Northern Cape, Botha, known as "Yammie" by her over 100 000 followers on Instagram, is a free-spirited person who loves dressing up, travelling and raising awareness for body positivity.

She describes her style as “vibrant” as it reflects her personality and the diverse destinations she explores.

When it comes to style, she credits her stylish mother as an influence.

“I truly believe that my sense of style is a gift passed down from my mother, who was always impeccably stylish. My love for fashion blossomed at a young age, and it felt natural to embrace it.

“Family traditions included planning photo shoots for me every December, with multiple outfit changes and my aunt's house transformed into a makeshift studio. It seems like some things truly never change,” shared Botha.

Baby Oyama Botha looking stylish. Picture: Supplied.

“Growing up in an environment that celebrated fashion, I became self-aware about what works for me, especially in clothing. This self-awareness not only made dressing myself a breeze but allowed me to help others define their styles.

“I've developed what I like to call ‘the eye for fashion,’ which has proven to be a valuable tool in effortlessly curating looks.”

Unsurprisingly, Botha landed a gig as a curvy model and her highlight was walking the runway at Cape Town Fashion Week.

“Standing out as the only plus-size model on that runway was a powerful moment. The images captured during that event garnered global attention and further solidified my path in the world of fashion,” she said.

Oyama Botha at Cape Town Fashion Week. Picture: Supplied.

Seeing how she carries herself with confidence, most women love her. Not just plus-size girls but all girls of different sizes because she helped them boost their self-esteem by advocating for body positivity.

“My advocacy for body positivity stems from a deeply personal connection with my lived experience. Recognising that I had been embodying the principles of body positivity long before I came across the term made it a seamless and natural commitment for me.

“The concept resonated with me on a profound level when I encountered it, as it reflected the authentic journey I had already been living,” Botha explained.

“Thus, advocating for body positivity became a natural extension of my journey, a heartfelt commitment to celebrating and embracing diverse bodies, including my own. It's not just a cause I support, it's a reflection of the authentic and lived experiences that have shaped my perspective and fuelled my passion.”

Aside from fashion, the content creator is also passionate about travelling, which affords her opportunities to explore and be creative.

Oyama Botha having fun with a school of fish. Picture: Supplied.

“Researching local styles has become a pre-travel ritual. For instance, when I explored the vibrant water of Greece, I embraced a blue and white beachwear theme and packed an extra bikini to dive in the blue waters with, ensuring I have both comfort and style,” she shared.

“Matching my outfits to each destination is like painting a canvas with colours that reflect the spirit of the place. Packing has evolved into a strategic game of versatile plus-size pieces.

“When I visited the serene beaches of Bali, flowy maxi dresses and swimwear became my go-to, ensuring I felt comfortable yet chic under the tropical sun. It's about expressing my style authentically while respecting the cultural vibes around me.”

And her style doesn’t begin at the destination she’s travelling to. Botha ensures that even on the journey, she remains stylish yet comfortable.

“Airport outfits are non-negotiable for me – comfort without compromising style. A matching set with cosy joggers and a stylish oversized sweater has become my signature airport look.

“It's not just about the flight, it sets the tone for the entire journey, ensuring I step into every new place with confidence and flair,” she added.

Oyama Botha in Bali. Picture: Supplied.

And, of course, she gets to enjoy both worlds through her work: content creation.

“Being a content creator is incredibly fulfilling for me. The opportunity to express my creativity and share my unique perspectives is truly empowering. I love living my best life and seeing my ideas come to life while showcasing my creativity in a way that resonates with others.

“The impact I have on my audience is one of the most rewarding aspects of content creation. Through my work, I strive to entertain, educate, and inspire; making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who engage with my content.

“Knowing that I can contribute positively to someone's day or offer insights that may resonate deeply, is a powerful motivator.”

Speaking of audience, she has built a solid foundation with her followers to the point where they call her “Yammie”, she calls them “my Yammiez”.

“Their support and enthusiasm have been inspiring, and I'm excited to explore new possibilities. So, keep an eye on this space—there might be a new chapter unfolding in my fashion journey,” Botha hinted.