WATCH: Gordon Ramsay’s ‘garam masala egg wrap’ fails to impress foodies

Gordon Ramsay’s garam masala egg wrap. Picture: Instagram screenshot

Gordon Ramsay’s garam masala egg wrap. Picture: Instagram screenshot

Published May 2, 2024


Gordan Ramsay is well known for his culinary skills and also his straightforward opinions.

With multiple Michelin stars under his belt, the British chef has gained worldwide recognition for his innovative cooking techniques and bold flavours.

Recently, he showcased his versatility by sharing a recipe for his classic “garam masala egg wrap” on Instagram. The post quickly went viral, eliciting a wide range of reactions from fans and food enthusiasts alike.

Many users have pointed out what they felt was a glaring slip-up in the recipe. But first, we need to understand the method Ramsay shared.

To make this dish, first prepare a mint yoghurt by combining yoghurt with salt, turmeric and chopped mint leaves. Next, make "golden onions" by sautéeing mustard seeds, cumin seeds, yellow onions, and baby spinach in olive oil.

In the meantime, toast naan in butter and keep it ready. Finally, it is time to prepare the spiced eggs. As per the recipe video, heat the butter in a pan and add garam masala and turmeric to it.

Next, pour in the beaten eggs. Combine it with the spices as well as the onion mixture from before.

In the end, the wrap is made by adding the egg mixture on one side of the naan, topping it with the mint yoghurt, and folding it in half.

In the caption, Ramsay said the dish was “perfect for your weekend brunch or breakfast club”.

Foodies took to the comments section to praise the recipe while many had a problem with the lumpy spices in the egg.

One user wrote: “That’s not how you fry the spices. Either whisk dry spices in the egg or add a little water to the spices to make it a smooth paste and then fry it before adding the eggs. Ask me, I am Indian.”

A second user wrote: “Bro let’s leave the Indian cooking to Indians, please. Dry spice chunks in an egg is not what we do.”

A third commented: “Too much spice for eggs.”

Celebrity chef Anahita Dhondy Bhandari wrote: “Hi Chef, a suggestion here..the Masalas should be added to the egg when whisking them up. And the yoghurt and the egg together in the naan would be very slippery when eating into it.

“So a better idea would be that the naan could have been added onto the masala omelette (when it’s half cooked) and it would have coated it and created a layer as we do for Kathi rolls. This is just a suggestion because the Masalas got all clumped up.”