WATCH: ‘My taste buds have been violated’, says TikTok foodie after hilariously trying Indian food for the first time

Butter chicken. Picture: Pexels

Butter chicken. Picture: Pexels

Published Oct 24, 2023


Everyone loves an Indian takeaway and you rarely come across someone who has not tried Indian food at least once.

However, food reviewer Luke Foods's first encounter with Indian cuisine happened on camera while he reviewed a takeaway place in Kentucky, and his earnest reaction quickly went viral.

With over half a million followers, his account features content like taste tests, foodie hacks and rankings of his favourite items and places, which rack up thousands of views.

Yet, one has captured the hearts of curry connoisseurs around the world, racking up over 13 million views since the time of publication.

In the clip, captioned “Trying Indian food for the first time”, Foods does exactly that – and his amazed reaction is truly adorable.

Some of the foods he features in the video are onion bhaji, garlic naan, butter chicken, and gulab jamun from India Oven in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He spent about $35 (R670) for the entire order.

In the video, he first tries the onion bhaji, which is a deep-fried fritter made of onion. He describes the finger food as something like onion rings but without the onion inside of it, just the onion flavouring.

He notes that he likes the onion bhaji. While his reaction to the onion bhaji seems to be more relaxed, he had his mind blown after trying out the garlic naan and then later the chicken butter, concluding that it was “divine” and “one of the best things I’ve had in my life.”

“This chicken is like liquid. It just melts in your mouth. Okay. And as for the butter taste, it does taste a little oily, but what I’m getting is a cinnamon taste for some reason, and this is delicious.”

He then breaks off a piece of his garlic naan and dips it in the buttered chicken. “Let’s see how good this is. My taste buds have been violated. That should be a crime. I’m tweaking.”

Foods was not a fan of the gulab jamun, as he rated it a six. But he ended the video with: “If you ever hit up any Indian restaurant in the future, please get their butter chicken. Do yourself a favour.”

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Some commenter’s made jokes about his pronunciation of bhaji as well as the fact he did not pour the curry over the rice, as is standard, and some other misunderstandings about ingredients.

Others, however, shared his enthusiasm and praised him for trying something new.