4 top trends that emerged from Bolt users in 2023

A driver monitors his GPS on the phone whilst transporting a passenger. Picture: Unsplash

A driver monitors his GPS on the phone whilst transporting a passenger. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jan 22, 2024


E-hailing platform, Bolt, revealed its comprehensive statistics for 2023, showcasing a remarkable year of growth, user engagement, and groundbreaking accomplishments.

According to Bolt, the platform turned 10 last year, reaching 150M+ customers across more than 500 cities worldwide in 45 countries.

Sandra Suzanne Buyole PR Manager, Africa at Bolt, said, that their 150M+ customers helped them take another step towards our mission to make transportation more accessible.

“By choosing shared mobility options like ride-hailing, car-sharing and micromobility, we replaced more and more use cases for private cars and provided a reliable mode of transport for the many people that have come to depend on our service,” said Buyole.

If you’re wondering how travel looked for the ride-hailing service last year, Bolt Rewind data reveals what customers across the world have in common, as well as South African customers’ unique transport trends.

Top destination at OR Tambo International Airport

According to the ride-hailing service, OR Tambo International Airport emerged as the popular destination for Bolt riders, solidifying its position as the top choice for discerning passengers seeking efficiency and convenience in their travels.

Top rider's 5546 KM journey

In a testament to the dedication and skill within the Bolt community, the top rider of 2023 embarked on an extraordinary journey covering an impressive 5 546 kilometres.

This achievement underscores the vast distances covered and highlights the commitment of Bolt's top-performing drivers, said the riding-hailing platform.

11am the peak of popularity

At the stroke of 11am, Bolt experienced a surge in demand, with a phenomenal 62,932,276 finished orders recorded during this popular hour.

This statistical pinnacle underscores Bolt's reliability and popularity during peak hours, solidifying its standing as a preferred transportation choice for the masses in South Africa.

Top rider hits 1958 completed rides

Further emphasising the commitment to service excellence, Bolt's top rider achieved an unparalleled milestone by completing 1958 finished rides. This remarkable feat reflects the rider's unwavering dedication and the trust bestowed upon Bolt by its vast user base.

The ride-hailing platform revealed that it closed off the year by reaffirming its commitment to the platform to enhance safety by introducing two new safety features, Trip Monitoring and Driver Alerts, offering a comprehensive solution that empowers both drivers and passengers.

These newly launched features exemplify Bolt's commitment to proactive safety measures.

“The trip Monitoring proactively engages with passengers and drivers in-app when a vehicle remains stationary for an extended period.

“On the other hand, the Driver Alerts feature equips drivers with valuable information about upcoming trips, ensuring they can make informed decisions, particularly in areas flagged for safety concerns,” said Bolt.