CemAir has threatened to assist in the prosecution of Shamiso Mosaka following recent flight incident

MTV Base South VJ Shamiso Mosaka who was escorted off a CemAir flight in Durban. Picture: Instagram

MTV Base South VJ Shamiso Mosaka who was escorted off a CemAir flight in Durban. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 19, 2024


After the circulation of video footage of MTV Base South VJ Shamiso Mosaka being kicked off CemAir flight 5Z0329 at King Shaka International Airport on March 17, CemAir has confirmed that it will lend a hand if legal proceedings are instituted.

In a statement making rounds on social media, the airline said that Mosaka behaved in an unruly and disruptive fashion and caused a 90 minute delay for passengers on the flight.

“A late boarded passenger became unruly and abusive, refusing to follow the lawful instructions of the cabin crew,” said the airline.

CemAir also stated that Mosaka committed a “serious offence” when she freed herself and attempted to gain access to the aircraft flight deck while under the escort of the South African Police Service (SAPS).

“When the cabin crew member determined that she was unable to reason with the passenger she informed the Captain. The Captain shut down the already running engines and attempted to persuade the passenger to comply with the safety regulations on board the aircraft.

“When the Captain could not reason with the passenger either, the matter was handed over to the South African Police Service and the passenger was removed from the aircraft,” said the airline.

Despite this statement, X users have come out in support of Mosaka and continued to call for the boycott of the airline while also highlighting that the airline has blocked them on Instagram from expressing their views on the matter.

One X user, @PhumzaMbali, said: “As if blocking us by IG will stop us from sharing our views and how they acted against her. We will go to their offices as well. Kanti they are not going to get away with this one. They will issue a public apology for the humiliation they caused.”

Another user, @mamtungwa_, said: “They must go they are a trash airline anyways 🚮.”

@Ncubeko_Dladl added: “Hhaybo 😡😡😡 and the lady was so calm, where do they get all this info?”