LOOK: Table Mountain Cableway’s Vista offers unparalleled views and elegance

Selma Hercules, Rianda Williams, Wahida Parker, James Vos and Ronald Ramsany. Picture: Supplied

Selma Hercules, Rianda Williams, Wahida Parker, James Vos and Ronald Ramsany. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 26, 2023


Imagine this for a moment: Your wedding reception or any milestone celebration of your life set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Table Mountain.

As you raise your glass, you’re not just toasting to your special day, you’re toasting to the iconic beauty of the Mother City, spread out before you like a masterpiece.

That’s the magic of VISTA, a name chosen to complement the grandeur of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company’s (TMACC) new event venue.

The credit for the name goes Josephine Mouton and Lisa Paterson, members of the Cableway family.

On Thursday, VISTA was inaugurated in the presence of dignitaries, including Mayco member Alderman James Vos, and the TMACC’s managing director, Wahida Parker.

At the official unveiling, Chad Saaiman serenaded the audience with popular tunes, accompanied by food and drinks. The venue offered a tantalising glimpse into the VISTA experience, regardless of the weather.

Parker elaborated that the venue had been somewhat “neglected” and viewed as “old”, but now they had come to realise that “old” could be synonymous with “bold”.

“VISTA was born from the vision of creating a haven where nature’s beauty and culinary artistry converge, ensuring that no matter the forecast, every event shines with panoramic views, exquisite cuisine, and impeccable service,” Parker added.

TMACC’s food and beverage executive, Ronald Ramsamy, described their vision for the venue as “giving timeless elegance with an industrial aesthetic”.

Alderman Vos said: “The inauguration of VISTA perfectly aligns with our objective of hosting more events and conferences, further reinforcing our mission to create more job opportunities and stimulate economic growth. Cape Town is a city brimming with boundless possibilities.”

He added that the primary draw of a Table Mountain venue is the breathtaking scenery: the panoramic views of Cape Town, the surrounding ocean, and the mountain itself create a “Instagrammable” backdrop.

Table Mountain is a globally recognised landmark, and hosting an event in its vicinity adds prestige and significance.

“Celebrations and special moments deserve a setting as breathtaking as the occasion itself,” said Parker.