TMACC and Halaal Hopper driving inclusive tourism for a thriving economy

Halaal Hopper’s specifically caters for a Muslim traveller, but invites all to experience. Picture: Cape Town Tourism

Halaal Hopper’s specifically caters for a Muslim traveller, but invites all to experience. Picture: Cape Town Tourism

Published Aug 14, 2023


Acknowledging their influential position within the province's tourism industry, TMACC is committed to its enterprise development programme. This initiative aims to empower others in the tourism sector to reach their full potential, fostering success and contributing to economic growth in the region.

Cape Town's Halaal Hopper owner Fayrouz Holliday-October shares that although she entered the industry 27 years ago, her company has only been around for five years.

“I always wanted to become an Ambassador for South Africa and be posted to some exotic diplomatic mission, but I never studied the right subjects that would allow me this opportunity.

“I have a huge love for people, places, and food, and that’s why I decided to focus my energy on becoming a part of the tourism industry,“ says Holliday-October.

Her passion lies in showcasing the beauty of South Africa to tourists, both local and international.

“My agency specifically caters for a Muslim traveller, although we encourage everyone from all religious and cultural backgrounds to travel with us and experience the many Halaal attractions that are on offer in Cape Town.”

Halaal Hopper's cultural experience. Picture: Supplied Cape Town Tourism

In tourism month in 2022, the exclusive cultural experience on Halaal Hopper took off in celebration of Tourism Month by Cape Town Tourism and the City of Cape Town, and was listed as an authentic experience in Cape Town.

Cape Town Tourism CEO Enver Duminy added that our city's heritage is greatly influenced by its Muslim presence, woven into our culture beyond just food and mosques – it's a part of who we are.

Additionally, he stated that the Halaal Hopper tour allows you to discover Cape Malay Cuisine and culture in a unique way, like dining and cooking with locals on the Cape Flats.

Holliday-October said, of course, the business comes with challenges, and the main challenge lies in finding establishments that cater for a Muslim traveller or Halaal consumer.

“I first met (TMACC Managing Director) Wahida (Parker) and her team about five years ago when I listened to her speak at a workshop. Since that day, I have learned so much from the entire Cableway team about how to run a business and how to grow as a tour operator,” she expressed.

“They especially helped me understand how to cater for communities that may have been overlooked in the past so that tourism can become as inclusive as possible.”

Selma Hercules, the Finance Director of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company (TMACC), emphasized the responsibility of successful individuals to give back, mentor and support others in their field.

Moreover, Hercules added that the Western Cape, especially the beloved Mother City, has undeniably solidified its favourable standing in the eyes of worldwide travellers – a fact underscored by its title as the world's best city.

Enhancing its appeal to Muslim tourists could open doors for the province to access a market segment that experts estimate holds a substantial purchasing power of approximately $3 trillion.

“Everyone already loves our gorgeous city and its attractions. By investing and supporting Muslim tourism operators, such as Fayrouz, we can make even more people fall in love.

“Our economy depends on the success of every segment of our tourism sector,” Hercules concluded.