Trade the winter blues for a tropical workcation

Woman using digital tablet while relaxing in a beach chair.

Woman using digital tablet while relaxing in a beach chair.

Published Aug 17, 2023


If you’re craving a change of scenery, a break from the winter blues and a dash of adventure in your work-life cocktail, it’s time to dive into the magical world of workcations.

Working from holiday trend

Are you feeling the mid-year slump hitting you hard? Tired of the frosty weather and mundane daily routine? Well, it could be time to break free from the winter chill and ignite your wanderlust with the fabulous trend of Working from Holiday (WFH).

With so many people and destinations embracing this exciting concept, WFH has transformed from a practical solution to an epic experience. Imagine yourself in a tropical paradise, with reliable wi-fi and your trusty laptop – the perfect work-life formula.

Work-life balance

Many assume that achieving a harmonious work-life balance that leaves you feeling like a new person and content is impossible, but a long stay work holiday can bring you pretty close!

Imagine being the maestro of your work-life symphony, where you control your schedule, blending work and play.

Sightseeing, outdoor adventures and quality time with loved ones can seamlessly weave into your work routine, aligning perfectly with your holiday dreams and goals.

Making this change in your routine not only enhances your physical and mental well-being, but also reduces stress and boosts job satisfaction.

Live the digital nomad dream

They say a change is as good as a holiday, and it rings especially true when that change involves a change of scenery. Working from holiday allows you to start your day leisurely, sipping coffee while watching the sun rise over the ocean horizon.

You can bask under the warm tropical sun as you check your emails and take breaks between meetings to dip your toes in the ocean or wander through lush green forests.

Becoming a digital nomad means escaping your daily routine and allowing yourself in the diverse sights, sounds and flavours of new cultures, adding an exciting element to your workdays.

Swap fluorescent lights for golden sunsets, bustling streets for serene beaches and boardroom meetings for cultural adventures. You can be productive and pampered at the same time, sounds.

Often it can be at our door step, in the heart of Africa, surrounded by breathtaking wilderness and starting your workday overlooking the world-renowned beauty of the Kruger Park.

This is an example of how digital nomads work in the middle of the wild with a number of adventures to explore.

Long-term savings

Of course nothing comes cheap. Working from the office often comes with expenses like daily commutes, eating out and frequent coffee shop visits.

However, when you work from your secret holiday haven, you’ll be chasing sunsets and saving money – the dream combination!

Moreover, there are sweet deals waiting for you. Opting for a long stay workcation can mean enjoying discounted accommodation rates, significant savings and a constant supply of happy vibes.

Everyone dreams of being on an island, and among the amazing destinations to choose from, Club Med La Plantation d’Albion in Mauritius stands out.

So pack those bags, fire up that laptop and embrace the journey where work becomes an extraordinary adventure. You won’t regret it!