WATCH: Comedian Khanyisa JamJam shares hilarious POV on greeting pilots properly

Khanyisa JamJam. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Khanyisa JamJam. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Oct 20, 2023


South African chuckle champion Khanyisa JamJam, from Port Elizabeth, recently dropped a gem of a joke that's so good, it's still echoing through October, even though it was originally posted back in September.

In one of his classic day-to-day rants about life's quirks, he decided to tackle the fascinating world of pilots and their enigmatic ways. His brilliant idea? Let's make it a thing to casually "check in" with the pilot when we're on a flight.

“Before you fly, you should be able to just check in with the pilot,” JamJam said on Instagram.

The caption read: “On my my to Durban to perform @dropkickmurphysdbn tonight. I just think we should check in on pilots and greet them properly before we fly. Just a quick, “Ekse grootman is everything good at home and with the Mrs?

“They need love is what I’m saying.“

He went on to emphasise that we often underestimate the enormity of the responsibility that pilots bear.

He even suggested we lighten the mood by casually asking them about their personal lives, like, "Hey, how's everything with the wife and kids?", just to show we appreciate the weight of their gig.

His followers were on-board with his sentiments.

Sithokozile wrote: “They might decide it's okay to die in the middle of the flight 😅just check in to know whether they good to go man.”

While another comedian, Adan Abdi, wrote: “You know what, I think so too braaa😂.”

While it seems like we're starting a whole new airline etiquette trend here, it's highly unlikely that you'll have a casual conversation with the pilot during a flight.

In the interest of safety and efficient operations, pilots and air traffic controllers communicate with each other and with ground control throughout the journey to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the aircraft.

So, I guess we'll just have to remember those wise words from George Michael and keep on "faith, faith, faith-ing!"