WATCH: Employee discovers boss on same flight after calling in sick

Picture: Pexels

Picture: Pexels

Published Jan 30, 2024


Nowadays, work stress is pretty common. The economy and money struggles are making people tired, especially with the usual 9-5 job or even those working seven days a week.

In the middle of all the talk about taking care of ourselves, sometimes we just want to escape for a bit and forget the world for a couple of hours. Recently, someone decided they needed a break from work to deal with burnout.

Taking personal days or using sick time is important to make sure our mental and physical health doesn't suffer, given the intense work culture in many jobs.

But what happens when you take a "sick day" when you're not physically sick? A TikTok video by Leila Soares sparked a debate about this exact question.

The video shows Soares sitting in the back of a plane, in disguise with a black face mask, sunglasses and a hoodie on.

Imagine the sheer disbelief on her face as she flips the camera, revealing the stream of people disembarking from her flight. Zooming in, she spotlights one individual, and lo and behold – it's her boss.

Talk about a plot twist.

@leilabelosoares And a oop #fyp ♬ sonido original - Nando Hernández 🚀

Sure, her boss didn't catch wind of her little charade but the comments section is buzzing with speculation, with some offering her advice on what to do if he did in fact see her.

@olliepop232 commented: “If he says he saw you hit him with that ‘so we all look alike to you?’”

While @Lauryn Smith advised: “Lol tell him my doctor is out of town and requested I go see him in the new office 😂😂.”

One user shared a similar incident. @buttercup_.1999: “I called in sick a time and went to the casino and saw my boss waving at me by the roulette machines 🥲🥲🥲🥲.”

@Olivia also commented: “Almost like the time I called out sick and ended up in the newspaper pictured at an event 😂.”

While everyone boarded the plane simultaneously, Soares reassured her viewers that she managed to secure her seat without her boss spotting her. Given her incognito look, she was confident she could slip by unnoticed.

People are out here taking risks for that mental break. She better hope the boss man does not see this video.