WATCH: South Africans wasted little time in flaunting their skills to build a snowman

SA’s take on snowmen. Picture: Myriam Zilles Unsplash

SA’s take on snowmen. Picture: Myriam Zilles Unsplash

Published Jul 11, 2023


South Africa may be many things, but boring is not one of them. When it comes to finding humour in the most bizarre situations, South Africans take the cake.

From load-shedding memes to presidential iPad heists and ministers snoozing away in Parliament, we’ve learnt to cope with our crumbling state of affairs by cracking a joke or two.

Now, let’s talk about the unexpected snowfall in Mzansi, which some credit to global warming. But hey, why ponder the scientific details when we can bask in the hilarity of the videos circulating on social media? Trust me, they are pure comedy gold.


Once upon a time (10 July 2023) in South Africa 🇿🇦

♬ Laughing - Gianluca Marino

As South African comedian Jason Goliath eloquently pointed out: “Do you understand how lucky we are? South Africa offers almost 20 rand to the dollar, and yet we have all the special effects that America flaunts – tornadoes, snow, and earthquakes.

“South Africa, come on now, we’ll show you how to do things on a budget!”

@jasongoliath South Africa for the win. #SouthAfrica ♬ original sound - Jason Goliath

The snowmen (or should I say “snow maestros”) that have been built across the city are nothing short of hysterical. They embody the true essence of South African creativity and wit.

One particular snowman caught the attention of many – an icy vision known as “Frosty the Braai-master”. Can you think of anything more South African than a snowman holding a pair of tongs, ready to grill up some lekker boerewors?

@zwo_b South Africa is a continent on its own 🤣😅😂 #SAMA28 #JohannesburgSnow #JohannesburgSouthAfrica #SnowInJohannesburg #Zwo_B #Snowman #SnowmanChallenge #SnowmanSA🇿🇦 #SnowmanSA ♬ Funny Laugh no no no - Sound Effect

The comments accompanying their grand unveiling are enough to make your face contort with laughter.

One witty observer exclaimed: “Move over, Elsa! Joburg’s got its own Olaf – complete with a sunburned carrot nose and a serious biltong addiction!” I mean, who needs Disney when we have our own frozen legends, right?

@enkayprosad This country is probably stressing God out. Snow in JHB #Snow #snowinsouthafrica #Coldestweather #Johannesburg #snowinjhb #Pretoria #funnymoments ♬ Hokoto - HBK Live Act

But my favourite video has to be the gent skiing in his backyard. Johannesburg’s very own version of the Alps. i cant with my dad😭#fouryoupage #tiktoksouthafrica ♬ original sound - Spanish for Everyday

We can all agree that amid the chaos of a crumbling state and the challenges we face daily, it’s moments like these that remind us of the resilience of our nation. We have a unique ability to find joy and humour in bizarre situations, no matter how insignificant they may seem.