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Short, well argued letters will be given preference and we reserve the right to shorten and edit all submissions. Letters also sent to other newspapers will not be considered for publication. All letters, including those sent by e-mail, must contain the writer's full name, physical address and a daytime telephone number. Pseudonyms or pen-names will be accepted, provided the author's full name, address and telephone number is provided for our records.

General Switchboard: (021) 488 4911

For a query about a PRINT subscription, use the following numbers depending on the region where the delivery takes place:

Durban: (Daily News; Mercury; Independent on Saturday; Sunday Tribune; Isolezwe; Post):
(031) 308 2022

Cape Town: (Cape Times; Cape Argus; Weekend Argus - Saturday and Sunday; Sunday Independent - Cape Delivery):
0800 220 770

Cape Argus:
Picture desk: 021 488 4560 (Heather Bisset)
Newsdesk: 021 488 4536/46
Sport: 021 488 4514
Editor: 021 488 4502

Weekend Argus
Picture desk: 021 488 4542
Newsdesk: 021 488 4527
Sport: 021 488 4510
Editor: 021 488 4527

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