Blikkiesdorp is not an option for the homeless, says the writer. File picture: Ross Jansen
Blikkiesdorp is not an option for the homeless, says the writer. File picture: Ross Jansen

Danny’s Diary: Blikkiesdorp is not an option

By OPINION Time of article published Sep 6, 2016

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People, don’t fool yourself. The plan here is to rid the Cape Town CBD of the poor, writes Danny Oosthuizen.

Cape Town - The amount of effort, time and resources spent on chasing the homeless at night from pillar to post is unbelievable, while there is gang violence, death and destruction in our communities outside the city.

About two weeks ago they did a raid on sex workers. I guess it’s a lot less dangerous than rounding up drug dealers and pimps. You take out your work stress on the most vulnerable, removing private property and getting rough in the process.

Long Street has more than three different security companies at night and they zoom in on everybody but the main evil prowling about.

But then again, if you take into consideration how much these guys are getting paid, risking their life out there, I would probably do the same.

In the last couple of weeks the press was filled with eviction notices, removals of, in general, poor people to make way for development of upper class projects.

What is worse is these people get eviction notices where they have to vacate within seven days, without prior consultation or alternative accommodation.

People, don’t fool yourself. The plan here is to rid the city of the poor.

Rumour has it that since everybody who needs to be removed rejects the idea of Blikkiesdorp, Atlantis is now an extra option. Go read this article and, maybe even better, go visit the place and see for yourself.

Good news is that we received our first lockers to store our belongings. A big thank you to Pat Eddy and her team from the CCID (Central City Improvement District).

Other good news is that the recycling company Trashback is launching a project aimed at the upliftment of the homeless. There are four stages in the project and one can go from collector to site manager of your own site. Incentives like accommodation, company phone, profit sharing, etc, are on the cards, empowering workers to grow and prosper. And we are all for that.

Local businesses are able to get directly involved by having their recyclable waste collected on a weekly basis.

Another victory is Streetscape Community Project acquiring more land to create new veg and herb gardens. The beauty in this is the involvement of the public and local business by sharing skills, knowledge and time. And this is what we so badly need. Not hand-outs.

Mrs Little from Social Development keeps telling the public not to give money directly to the homeless. And we don’t have a problem with that. Can she offer an alternative?

Here is a lesson to learn: we are not all looking for handouts. We are proud people too. We want to contribute. We want to grow. Make something of ourselves. Blikkiesdorp is not an option for us. What? To go there and die? I live in this city. I will work in this city.

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