A Palestinian girl walks with a toy that she salvaged from debris of the El-Yazje apartment building which was destroyed following an overnight Israeli missile strike in Gaza City. Picture: Lefteris Pitarakis

The Palestinian issue is a humanity issue. It is not a religious or Jew vs Arab issue, says Madiny Darries.

Cape Town - In response to the letter by Victor Gordon “Let’s look at Duarte’s ‘facts’” (See related articles below): Dear sir, despite your logical dissection of Jessie Duarte’s statement on the Israeli offensive in Gaza, your frame of reference is warped.

Your statement and I quote: “Had they (Palestinians) accepted Israel 65 years ago…”, sir, may I remind you that there was no Israel until the Great (imperialist) Britain, took a nation’s (Palestinians) land and gave it to a third party (Zionist Jews).

Until this time, there lived in Palestine a few Jewish and Christian communities (in harmony) with the majority Muslim Palestinians. All the mayhem that is taking place now is a consequence of this root cause. For hundreds of years Jews lived in peace within Muslim countries. The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) is a very good example of this. It is Christian Europe that persecuted the Jews.

A result of this persecution was Zionism. A movement formed about 100 years ago by non-religious Jews whose goal was to create a Jewish state with its own army. It was a move away from religion towards materialism.

Using the name Israel was for the purposes of sympathy and legitimacy. Zionism is in essence a political movement. Bear in mind that Jews throughout the ages never had their own land as having their own state was forbidden according to the Jewish scriptures (Prophesy of King Solomon).

It is important to understand the history and context as it provides for an accurate analysis of not only the Palestinian issue, but the state of the Middle East at large. The Zionist lobby in America is the most powerful lobby that exerts great influence over American foreign policy.

The control of Western media and the world’s financial institutions further lends leverage to further the aims of Zionism, a global movement that sustains the state of Israel at all costs.

The state of Israel was founded on discrimination by the mere fact that it was created as a Jewish homeland and to protect Jewish identity. The Palestinians who live in Israel as citizens of the country do not have the same rights or benefits as its Jewish citizens.

The recent expulsion of thousands of African migrants is testimony to this Israeli discrimination where host African countries were given monetary and agricultural aid in turn for accepting the migrants.

The Palestinian issue is a humanity issue. It is not a religious or Jew vs Arab issue. There are thousands of Jews who support the Palestinian cause and see the Zionist movement for what it really is. The latest slaughter of Palestinians by Israel has thus far seen the killing of 182 civilians, mostly woman and children.

Our very own Gift of the Givers, is on the ground in Gaza and in the words of Imtiaaz Sooliman: “It is the loss of human life and the gruesome injuries, predominantly of women and children, which makes the suffering and the illegal occupation in this unequal war all that more painful.”

Fortunately, the prevalence of social media is starting to counter the effect of Zionist-controlled western media.

More people today are better informed and their world view is changing. After all, in the information world that we live in today, ignorance is a choice.

Madiny Darries


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