Ayesha Laatoe to share Ramadaan traditions and recipes on Facebook Live

By Kristin Engel Time of article published May 6, 2021

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Cape Town - Local radio presenter Ayesha Laatoe is set to host a detailed Facebook live session this week, discussing how the month of Ramadaan has evolved over the years and the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the Islamic holy month.

The Facebook live session is expected to take place today, May 6, at 3pm and will explore Laatoe’s famed food and dessert recipes.

Laatoe said the session will consider the importance of feeding the soul and how cooking and sharing is a big part of the Ramadan “gees”.

“As the youngest in my family I was never really forced to cook, but when I got married it fitted me like a hand in a glove. Raising six children and being home raising my children, I wanted to do more.”

Posted by Ayesha Laatoe onTuesday, 4 May 2021

While raising her children, Laatoe said, she would sew their dresses, knit their jerseys and even had time to make pastries, pies, samoosas and koesisters.

“My kids grew up assisting in the kitchen from a certain age and I must admit my two sons are great cooks and bake as well.”

Laatoe said that Ramadaan provides those in the Islamic faith with the opportunity to reflect on the relationship between preparing food for Eid and spending time with family and friends.

“Eid morning I make the vermicelli, a tradition we grew up with so much so that our neighbours would stop over on their way home and have some vermicelli.

“Today it’s shared either at the breakfast table, as something sweet at a special function or as a dessert served with ice cream,” said Laatoe.

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