Mayor Peter Lobese
Mayor Peter Lobese

Bitou Mayor Peter Lobese tests positive for Covid-19

By Mwangi Githahu Time of article published Jul 2, 2020

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Cape Town - Bitou Mayor Peter Lobese was among the 69 new Covid-19 cases declared in the municipality on Tuesday.

Announcing his positive test for the virus, Lobese said: “In a statement issued recently by the Bitou Municipality, I was quoted saying that we are all vulnerable to the coronavirus and it can catch anyone. It was very prophetic because those words have actually come true.

“Last week, on Thursday, June 25, I had a terrible flu and decided to visit my doctor. I was taken for a Covid-19 test and ordered to isolate until I received my results. I did as ordered by the doctor and withdrew myself from all my responsibilities whilst retreating to the comfort of my room at home.”

“I received my results on Tuesday afternoon, June 30. I have been very much in the forefront of the drive to prevent the spread and urging our residents to comply with hygiene and safety protocols as well as all regulations set by authorities. I had tried, as best I could, to comply myself,” said Lobese. “This shows that we cannot let our guard slip at all, as it takes one slip up and the virus will strike. I will now go and fight hard to make sure I recover from the virus. I am committed to staying in quarantine and making sure I do not spread the virus further."

He urged the public to remain vigilant for symptoms.

“I never showed any symptoms until I had the flu and had to go to the doctor. This means that it is important to go to the doctor when you do not feel well. Be vigilant about your own health as it can save your life and that of those close to you.

“I repeat that we must all be vigilant in this fight, and the sooner we realise that the coronavirus does not care about race, class, position of power nor area of residence, the better,” said Lobese.


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