Leaners from Fairbairn College compete in this year's Cape Argus High School quiz. Picture: Courtney Africa/African News Agency(ANA)
Cape Town - With the final round robin behind us, pupils will have a moment to focus on exams and enjoy their school holidays before they return for the knock out stage of the High Schools Quiz.

The Cape Argus High Schools Quiz sponsored by Food Lover's Market in association with IIE’s Varsity College saw 64 teams move on from the round robin stage and take one step closer to winning the title of quiz champions.

Some of the top schools include South Peninsula High, Islamia College Boys, Maitland High, Mondale High and Masibambane Secondary.

Pupils will have to study newspapers from July 15 to 19 for the first knock out round taking place on July 22. There will be three knock outs, with the second knock out taking place on July 29, and the last occurring on August 5.

Justin van Tonder, deputy principal of student recruitments at the IIE Varsity College campus in Rondebosch previously said any opportunity to get involved in an event like the quiz showed pupils just how invested the college was in their education and future plans.

“The quiz shows them that there is a bigger picture and sometimes it takes that extra bit of effort and work to succeed in life.”

This exact point was touched on by pupils from Fairbairn College after competing in the last round robin.

The team said they had been participating in the quiz for the past three years, and had enjoyed every minute of it.

“This is our third year, and we've bonded quite nicely over this,” said Chloe Joubert. “It's something we look forward to every year, and we always hope to do well.”

“Going to other schools, and just seeing how the schools look, and how they operate is nice,” added Brent Marheze.

Their teammate, Crystal Matroos, added that it also helped with general knowledge as “before I basically had no general knowledge”.

Marheze then chimed in with a big smile to say that the quiz helped a lot with school work.

“It broadens your knowledge in class; for example, when you write essays,” he said. “It gives you more content to write about.”

A look at the second round robin of the Cape Argus High School quiz. Video: Theolin Tembo/Cape Argus.

Joubert revealed that the quiz had also made the pupils aware of their surroundings. “It's also quite sobering realising how protected we are in here in school compared to what's happening out there in the world.”

Pupils are competing for R3000 per member of the winning team, along with R35000 for their school.

The top two teams will go on to compete in the National High Schools Quiz against teams from across the country.

How the teams stand going into the next phase of the High Schools Quiz.

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