Cape Town-based Rubik’s cube hub to host the WCA African Speedcubing Championships

Rubik's cubes are pictured during the world's largest Rubik's Cube championship in Aubervilliers. File picture

Rubik's cubes are pictured during the world's largest Rubik's Cube championship in Aubervilliers. File picture

Published Oct 3, 2022


Cape Town - A Cape Town-based Rubik’s cube centre the Cubing Hub is gearing up to host the 2022 Rubik’s World Cube Association (WCA) African Speedcubing Championships this coming weekend.

The competition, the first ever on the African continent, is set to take place at the Sun Exhibits, GrandWest from Friday, October 7 until Sunday, October 9.

Speedcubing is the solving of a Rubik’s cube in the shortest possible time. According to the hub, over 100 competitors from various African countries including, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Cameroon are expected to take part in the international puzzle-solving competition.

Cubing Hub founder Donovan Pretorius is also a budding entrepreneur, having founded the Cubing Hub in 2015 while completing his high school education.

He said: “Our vision for the 2022 Rubik's WCA African Speedcubing Championships is to create something that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the first of its kind. The beginning of a new world for South African kids and our local communities.

“When we were awarded the opportunity to host this year’s competition we knew it meant the beginning of bigger things for our South African cubing community.

“We saw it as the first step in expanding our reach to various schools across the country to offer more children an alternative response to the socio-economic ills they face daily.

“You see, for me cubing isn’t just about solving a puzzle, I believe we have come up with a formula to use cubing as a platform to uplift our youngsters and teach them life skills.

“So we are calling on the greater Cape Town community to please come and support us, the competitors and learn more about the sport and what we are trying to build using the world of the Rubik’s cube here in South Africa,” Pretorius said.

At the event, Pretorius said spectators can expect to watch some of South Africa’s best cubers go head-to-head to claim the local title and the current world record twitch is currently at 3.47 seconds.

Tickets for the competition start at R50 and can be purchased from Quicket, and doors leading to the innovative show will open at 8am.

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