Cape Argus readers once again came to the rescue, making it possible for 13-year-old Tezihano Mnyatsa to go to India for chess championship. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - Cape Argus readers once again came to the rescue of a person in distress, making it possible for Tezihano Mnyatsa, 13, to fulfil his ambition of playing in the chess championships in India.

Tezihano, of Leonsdale in Elsies River, was selected to take part in the Under-14 Commonwealth Chess Championships.

He was supposed to leave for the tournament on Tuesday, but he was unable to raise enough money.

“We were on the radio this morning (Wednesday) to talk about Tezihano. The great news is that he will be leaving on Friday to India,” said Francesca Walker, ward councillor for the area.

She said two businessmen donated money for Tezihano’s trip.

“We are all very emotional because we’ve put a lot of time and effort into this,” Walker said.

Since the Cape Argus published the story, readers, business people and even radio presenters opened their wallets and reached out to Tezihano.

In just two days, he was able to raise more than R20 000. Walker said the Cape Argus story played a crucial role in highlighting Tezihano’s plight.

The family has been trying for months to raise enough money, selling food parcels and hosting small fund-raising events.

They also cut down on their food expenditure just to put a little away every month.

Tezihano’s mom is still in shock. “We’ve been getting a lot of sponsors in the last few days. We are praying that Tezihano leaves on Friday if everything is sorted out on time,” said Elaine Mnyatsa.

She said Tezihano was excited.

“Tezihano is a very understanding boy. I’m very happy for him that he received this opportunity,” she said.

But it was the gesture of kindness that gave Mnyatsa and Walker hope.

“It feels amazing knowing that there are kind people in this world,” Mnyatsa said.


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