Could Khalid Sayed be the ANC’s Western Cape premier candidate?

Khalid Sayed ANC’s Western Cape’s spokesperson.

Khalid Sayed ANC’s Western Cape’s spokesperson.

Published Mar 28, 2024


Cape Town - Khalid Sayed might be the premier candidate of the ANC after his name was endorsed by several party members and the subsequent withdrawal of Naledi Pandor from the premier race after her name was also put forward.

Sayed, the party’s provincial spokesperson, and Minister of International Relations and Co-operation Pandor, were nominated together with the ANC’s Western Cape MPL, Ayanda Bans, who tops the party’s provincial list.

According to a close ANC source, Pandor was chosen to head the ANC’s provincial campaign because of her work in trying to force Israel to withdraw its troops in Palestine and end the war.

The source said the party hoped that Pandor’s popularity on the matter would draw the support of the Muslim community in the Western Cape, which recently vigorously staged many protests across the city against Israel.

However, the source also stated that at a legal level, it means that even if the ANC puts her up as premier candidate, there is no way she can take up a seat as premier of the ANC because she is not on the provincial list as she is only on the national list.

“Once the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) publishes the list, it can only be changed a year later. If someone resigns, you need to take the next person on the list. So the ANC will actually be playing a political game with the voting public if indeed she is put up,” said the source, who wished to remain anonymous.

However, it has since emerged that Pandor won’t be availing herself of the position as she is considering leaving public office. Neither Pandor nor the ANC’s national spokesperson could be reached to comment on this.

It has also emerged that Vuyiso “JJ” Tyhalisisu, the ANC’s Western Cape chairperson, is also not on the provincial list that was published yesterday by the IEC.

Asked if he was nominated, would he stand as the party’s premier candidate, Sayed said: “As a dedicated member of the ANC, my commitment is not merely to a title or position, but to the people we serve and the ideals we strive to live by.

“If I were to be nominated for the role of premier candidate, I would do so with the promise to uphold these values and work tirelessly to fulfil the expectations placed upon me by both the organisation and the people of the Western Cape.

“One of the cornerstones of the ANC is that each member, regardless of their position or aspirations, adheres faithfully to the wishes and instructions of the ANC. This principle ensures that our collective vision for a just, equitable, and prosperous society guides our actions and decisions,” said Sayed.