Cycle Tour for children with disabilities a success

Qaqamba Cuba and Ettienne Wilsnagh at the finish line of Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Qaqamba Cuba and Ettienne Wilsnagh at the finish line of Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Published Mar 13, 2024


Cape Town - In a successful mission to raise R10 000 for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital’s RX Radio, Qaqamba Cuba and Ettienne Wilsnagh conquered the 109-kilometre Cape Town Cycle Tour and made it across the finish line.

“I am very happy I did the race and managed to raise the target for RX Radio,” said Cuba.

“I was scared of going downhill, the uphill was fine even though they were struggling because they had to put in a lot of effort.

“I felt bad but going downhill was not my favourite but I trusted Ettienne because he’s been doing this.”

Cuba, 24, who lives with congenital scoliosis, participated in the race in a buggy attached to Wilsnagh’s bicycle.

They worked in collaboration with Warrior on Wheels and completed the race in 4 hours 51 minutes.

After completing the 109-km route, Cuba said they achieved their target of raising R10 000 for RX Radio.

RX Radio is run by children for children but continues to experience financial difficulties.

Cuba serves as a board member at the station.

“I am excited that we reached the target because I would’ve felt bad if I did the cycle tour and did not reach the goal.

“I am very happy, it will make so much difference to the station.

“I am very thankful to everyone who contributed to my campaign and shared the post, it is much appreciated.”

Wilsnagh, 56, was not new to riding for causes, and described his experience with Cuba as “special”.

“This is my fifth race with a buggy.

“Previously, I had to take care of the children because they were very disabled but with Qaqamba she was able to sustain and take care of herself.

“We came first by nearly an hour before the second buggy crossed the finish line, so it was spectacular.

“She was an absolute rock star, it was a special day.

“I am still aching and my legs feel broken, but it was worth it.”

Wilsnagh said he would continue with more fund-raisers and aimed to race in Durban.

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