‘Drug dens’ bricked up in Bothasig

A problem building in Adam Tas Avenue, Bothasig, has been bricked closed. Pikcture: BRA

A problem building in Adam Tas Avenue, Bothasig, has been bricked closed. Pikcture: BRA

Published Mar 8, 2024


Fed-up Bothasig residents have taken matters into their own hands and sealed a known drug house shut with bricks.

This came about after the Bothasig Residents Association (BRA) took the words “fighting crime” to a new level, using bricks and cement to seal the entrances and windows of the house in Adam Tas Avenue.

The materials were bought with money raised in a fundraising initiative and with the help of local businesses.

The BRA said residents worked towards the goal of sealing the house for more than a year.

“As a residents’ association, BRA will not sit back and watch Bothasig crumble. We will fight for our community, our families. Bothasig is our home,” BRA said.

The property in Bothasig was bricked up as residents want to get rid of drug dens in the area.Picture:BRA/Facebook
The property which was deemed as a drug house was completely bricked thanks to a fundraiser campaign by the community with the help of business in the surrounding area. Picture: BRA/Facebook

Ward councillor Miquette Temlett said the property had been problematic for more than a year, leading to reports from worried residents which she forwarded to the appropriate departments.

She said the process of declaring the property a problem building entailed navigating complex legal procedures, contributing to delays.

“I am grateful that we have reached a milestone where access to the building has been restricted, potentially curtailing the purported illicit and unlawful activities associated with it.

“Additionally, I must acknowledge that budget constraints have hindered the department's ability to promptly brick up the building.”

Both local businesses and residents from the surrounding areas like Richwood and Edgemead donated bricks for the project.

“In light of this, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Bothasig Residents Association and other stakeholders in the community for their invaluable assistance in sourcing materials to support the department in expediting this process,” Temlett said.

The BRA said that the neighbourhood came together to declare that they would not permit their area to get so bad that it would be unrepairable.Picture:BRA/Facebook

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