BEST FRIENDS: Gino Wentzel affectionately strokes Duke, who is overjoyed to be home
Cape Town - The brave dog that survived a knife plunged into his head is back at home and recovering nicely, his owner says.

Duke, the German Shepherd, was stabbed by a gangster who got a skrik from the dog while out on a walk with his owner, Gino Wentzel, 40, of Portlands in Mitchells Plain.

The four-year-old pooch was discharged from the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa last Thursday.

Head veterinarians say the blade missed Duke’s brain by two centimetres and that he was left with a cracked skull after the knife was plunged five centimetres deep in the frontal sinus area.

Gino said he had taken Duke for his routine afternoon walk when they were confronted by a skollie in a lane near Town Centre.

Gino said when Duke growled at the man, he pulled out a knife and stabbed the dog in the head.

He says his injured dog ran off, but collapsed near a primary school where he found him.

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Duke was rushed to the AWS where vets managed to remove the knife and save his life.

Allan Perrins, the Resource Development and Communications Officer for AWS, said an X-ray showed vets exactly where the knife was located and they could safely remove it.

He says it’s a miracle Duke survived the attack and the dog will no longer be treated as an outpatient.

“He went home with a week-long course of antibiotics and painkillers,” Perrins says.

“There were no obvious signs of complications or discomfort (after the operation).

“It is miraculous, really. Duke was discharged in top form and overjoyed to see Gino.

“Gino has been told to bring him back for a check-up and suture removal once he has completed his course of medication.”

Gino tells the Daily Voice Duke won’t leave his side.

“He is doing well and is following me everywhere and doesn’t want me to leave him either,” he says.

“I want to say thank you to AWS who were amazing.”


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