Elections 2024: EFF says it is ready to take over the Western Cape

EFF posters can be seen in Strand Street, Cape Town. Picture Leon Lestrade.

EFF posters can be seen in Strand Street, Cape Town. Picture Leon Lestrade.

Published Mar 18, 2024


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) assured their supporters at a media briefing on Sunday that they would be voting for a “growing party that is hell-bent on creating jobs and “free the Western Cape from white colonial rule”.

Among its promises, the party reiterated its stance on expropriation of land without compensation, saying it would undo the injustices created by the 1913 Land Act, where blacks were given only 13% of the land.

The EFF gave voters hope that if it governs, the party will end load shedding, education will be free for all, and racism and discrimination will stop.

Addressing the media in the city centre, confident EFF Western Cape provincial chairperson Unathi Ntame said: “There is proof of the growth of the EFF in the Western Cape. There's a ward in an area called Saldanha Bay that was won by the EFF recently. The EFF there grew from 15% to 57% and defeated the ANC completely.”

He said the membership of the EFF is substantial, and people are joining the party daily. “Even if we attempt to give you the figures, we will not know the figures that joined yesterday because when we do door-to-door, our people want the EFF like nobody's business,” said Ntame.

Ntame said the EFF is not threatened by the growth of the People’s Movement for Change (PMC), which was recently launched by former ANC leader Marius Fransman in the Western

Cape. He said the PMC collapsed before it even started, as some of its leaders have resigned from the party.

Ntame was making reference to Musa Joshua Mohlala of the Shekainah Healing Ministries Mohlala Ministries, who recently resigned as the deputy president of the PMC.

Following Jacob Zuma’s visit to Mohlala’s church, there was speculation that the prophet would be joining the MK Party.

However, Mohlala has denied these allegations, saying that he left the party voluntarily and that he didn’t agree with some of PMC’s principles.

“I realised it doesn't speak to me. My views are different from the PMC’s views. So I decided I must leave PMC. I have views. I have serious political views about the country or what's happening in the country. I thought PMC carries one, but I realised that it's too different,” said Mohlala.

He said the PMC was just another coloured party.

“I'm an independent thinker. I need something better than that. I'm a prophet. And I think, for now, I must just remain a prophet.”

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