CPUT’s Dellicia de Vos believes more awareness around albinism is vital in breaking the stigma around the condition. Picture: Beautiful News/Supplied
Cape Town - In honour of International Albinism Day, Dellicia de Vos, 43, an administrator at the disability unit of CPUT, will be featured in a short film to raise awareness about the condition, with the video being showcased on the Beautiful News website.

De Vos, originally from Namibia, moved to South Africa when she was five and completed her schooling at the Athlone School for the Blind in Bellville.

“In 1994 I did a short secretarial course at the SA National Council for the Blind in Pretoria before going back to Cape Town to look for work,” she said. “When I was not able to find anything, I went back to Namibia and started working as a debt collector for a short period of time.”

It was only in 2009 that De Vos joined CPUT, helping differently abled people find their feet around campus.

“I always wanted to further my education and started studying psychology part-time at Unisa, completing my studies in 2015,” she said.

“In 2017 I did an advanced diploma in disability studies at UCT, and on a train ride, I saw this lady who was the director at the Human Rights Media Centre, who asked me if I could be featured in a 30-minute documentary they were doing around albinism at the time,”

She notes that education around albinism is of vital importance in order for people to understand more about the condition and not fear those who have it.

“Sometimes people are afraid to touch you or sit next to you on the bus, so having more awareness campaigns around this will help to break down that stigma,” she said. “Having more people with albinism being featured in the media will really help this cause because it’s often misinformation that breaks down people.”


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