First draft concept design for redevelopment of Strand Street Quarry now open for comment

Photograph depicts the Strand Street Quarry site. Picture: City of Cape Town/Supplied

Photograph depicts the Strand Street Quarry site. Picture: City of Cape Town/Supplied

Published Nov 6, 2023


Cape Town – The City of Cape Town’s first draft concept design for the proposed redevelopment of the Strand Street Quarry is now open for public comment.

The quarry is located along Strand Street and borders the historic Bo-Kaap and De Waterkant districts.

The concept design has been drafted in consultation with local representatives from civic organisations, sporting groups, stakeholders and community organisations from Bo-Kaap and surrounds.

The collaboration took place over many months to present a design that will turn the quarry site into a multi-use community precinct that integrates sports, culture, economic activities and tourism in a very unique setting.

Given that the quarry is part of a national heritage site, and in close proximity to the Bo-Kaap, the Noon Gun and Table Mountain National Park, the design integrates tourist-related activities and proposals to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage of the surrounding communities.

Mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment, Eddie Andrews, said one of the key pillars of the City’s integrated development plan is to create a more spatially integrated and inclusive city, where residents have more equitable access to economic opportunities and social amenities, and to invest in public infrastructure to address the injustices of apartheid spatial planning.

“The Strand Street Quarry is one of three quarries in the Bo-Kaap, and a national heritage site. Located between Strand Street and the Bo-Kaap, it has always been a key strategic site and asset, but unfortunately, has been left derelict and underutilised for decades.

“In fact, multiple local governments have been working on studies, assessments and development proposals since 1976, with no tangible results,” Andrews said.

“Today, I’m elated to say we have reached a pivotal moment where we can present a first draft concept, which has the potential to not only transform this site, but also create a destination that will provide the local communities with economic and sport opportunities.

“This vision has been crafted in collaboration with the directly-affected communities with the intention to deliver a fully-developed site that will benefit Capetonians for generations to come,” he said.

“When we started with the concept design process for the Strand Street Quarry in March this year, we made the commitment to build partnerships with the impacted communities, and to be inclusive.

“Officials from our urban catalytic investment department asked these representatives: What do you need, how can the quarry site be developed to meet these needs, and how can we collaborate on a project that will uplift the wider area, and give you hope?

“I want to thank the civic associations, sporting groups, community organisations and residents for the time they set aside for the collaboration, and for the trust they put in us and this ongoing process,” Andrew said.

He added that obtaining public comment on this draft concept is the first crucial step in an ongoing engagement process to make this facility a reality.

The proposed concept design for the Strand Street Quarry is a vision co-designed by a collective of community representatives, City professionals and stakeholders at co-design workshops:

  • It depicts how the quarry can be turned into a community precinct, with multiple uses that integrate sports, culture, economic activities, tourism and City functions
  • Makes proposals on how to preserve the rich and unique heritage of the Bo-Kaap and surrounding communities

“In my view, the concept is progressive and exciting. I can see it in my mind’s eye, how it has the potential to transform the immediate surroundings and become a much-loved special community precinct, while respecting the religious and cultural values of the area,” Andrew said.

The draft concept design is now available for public comment.

“I encourage residents to attend the open day in mid-November, where we will present a model of the proposed design, maps, illustrations and so forth that will assist in explaining the concept so that attendees can visualise what is the vision for the site,” Andrew said.

Residents can participate by attending the public open day on Wednesday, November 15, from 1pm to 7pm at the community hall on the corner of Strand Street and Hudson Street in the Bo-Kaap.

They can also submit comments by December 4 this year. Online, at, via WhatsApp: +27 60 524 7676 or by hand at the sub-council 16 office in Wale Street.