Four Days to the Jazz Festival: Queen of Afro-jazz Judith Sephuma's bond with the Cape fans

Judith Sephuma will once more take to the stage at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Picture: Supplied

Judith Sephuma will once more take to the stage at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 29, 2024


Cape Town - Platinum selling artist and Queen of Afro-jazz, Judith Sephuma, will once more take to the stage for what is all set to be another stand-out Cape Town International Jazz Festival (CTIJF).

“Performing at the festival is always amazing,” she says.

“That’s besides the fact that performing in Cape Town is just something I love doing.”

Taking the festival’s Kippies stage late on Friday, Sephuma shares that festival-goers can look forward to a combination of old favourites and new material.

Like the consummate professional she is, she’ll gauge the audience on the night, and go with what makes them happy, because,as she says, “Music is for sharing ... for the past over 10 years, I’ve kept the same musicians because it’s better for me to just throw in any song, whenever.

For example, when I’m performing and let’s say the audience doesn’t like a particular song, I’m like, ‘okay Judith, the next one you got to up the game a bit!’ So, I always have the same guys because it’s easy for me to switch, and we have good energy – a love connection. It’s a very beautiful, big, spread-out band.”

Primarily adored for her Afro-jazz sounds, hints of gospel, funk, Afrosoul and Latin American rhythms, and even some amapiano, Sephuma’s music, and lyrics, are informed by personal experience, what is happening around her and what inspires people.

Since releasing her debut single and album A Cry A Smile A Dance in 2001, Sephuma has taken her South African roots and spread her wings to the far comers of the world, and even a fictional planet or two, having been invited by iconic Hollywood film music composer Hans Zimmer, to sing on the motion picture soundtrack for the movie Dune Part Two, along with other well-known artists.

She has also toured with Zimmer, selling out more than 30 shows of 20 000 seats.

Sephuma is currently working on a new album to be released this year.

This after her US star-studded studio album Power of Dreams recorded in 2019, which featured hits like Maropeng, Power of Dreams and A man Like You.

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