Lawyer dumps ‘Strand Stabber’

Charles Appolis

Charles Appolis

Published Mar 20, 2024


Cape Town - Accused of killing his long-term partner, Charles Appolis, dubbed the “Strand Stabber”, has been left without legal counsel after his lawyer on Tuesday withdrew from representing him.

Appolis made a brief appearance in the Strand Regional Court, where his trial for the murder of Nadia Lotz, 32, was expected to start.

The couple were driving in a car with a friend on March 3 last year, when Appolis, who was in the back seat, allegedly leaned forward and slit the mother of three’s throat.

Lotz had tried to jump out of the moving car but died on the sidewalk.

Appolis’s defence lawyer dropped a bombshell when she withdrew herself as his legal representative on Tuesday.

The court was informed of the development, and the case was postponed to April 3.

Nadia Lotz

The magistrate instructed Appolis that when he appeared again, he had to decide on his legal representative, being either a private lawyer or from Legal Aid.

Meanwhile, Lotz’s family has been left frustrated by the latest postponement.

Her father, Hendrik Lotz, said: “You can’t say the case is starting or anything because every time it's a lawyer problem or it is postponed for further investigation. I don’t know when the case will start because we would like to know what is what.”

Lotz said that the family was healing, but also hoped that justice would be served. “The family is disappointed, but also satisfied that he will remain in custody until the case moves in a direction,” he said.

Kaylynn Palm, spokesperson for Action Society SA, said Appolis was expected to plead, but that did not happen.

“He told the court that he will wait until his family came to visit him before he made his decision on whether he will take Legal Aid or not.

“For us, it is disappointing that the family will have to wait even longer for justice. In the meantime, we will continue to support the family,” Palm said.

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