INSPIRED: Munifa Canterbury (far left) is a dedicated martial arts instructor working tirelessly to share her knowledge with the next generation, in spite of the funding problems.
Cape Town - Martial Arts enthusiast Munifa Canterbury is providing an outlet for children and adults across Cape Town to develop their talent, yet her efforts will be jeopardised if sufficient funding isn’t provided quickly.

Canterbury, a fourth dan black belt and successful competitor in her own right, runs her own training group called Munifa’s Martial Arts Academy. She has taught students in Manenberg and Bo-Kaap, though safety concerns in Manenberg have restricted her visits.

“We’re losing a lot of talent because of a lack of funding. So many people can’t afford to train, travel to the events, even buy the karate suits and club tracksuits. Sometimes we have to train in parks, which is just not a safe environment for my students.”

In 2015, 11 of Canterbury’s students were accepted into the national team, but limited funds prevented all of these athletes from travelling to the world championships.

In a video appeal sent to potential sponsors of her academy, Canterbury said funds were needed for the purchase of training and competition kit, event transport, attendance fees and club tracksuits.

“It’s very difficult, but I get so much joy out of this sport. What I really want, though, is to inspire my students to continue competing.”


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