TRY: Chelsey Hartzenburg, Kechiah Christians.
Cape Town - These siblings from Lotus River need assistance to get them to the South African Gymnastic Trials in Johannesburg in September.

The trip for both sisters comes to R8 000, but their single mom says they may have to stay at home as she might not be able to get all the funds in time.

Leticia Christians, 28, says her daughters, Chelsey Hartzenburg, 11, and Kechiah Christians, 7, live for gymnastics.

“Chelsey has been doing gymnastics for the past four years and is extremely great at what she does. Kechiah started last year as she looks up to her big sister.


“My daughters spend most of their days practising gymnastics rather than playing with dolls. My furniture is already breaking,” Leticia jokes.

The mother, who works as a personal shopper at Blue Route Mall, says she does not want her girls to miss this opportunity.

“I am so proud of them. I am willing to do anything for them to attend. However, R4 000 per child is a bit much as I am the only one working in our household and I have to see to the needs of their granny, who is 93 years old.

“They are so young and have accomplished so much. They may just get the opportunity to go abroad and showcase their skills,” Leticia explains.

EXCITED: Talented siblings with mom Leticia.

The girls are currently preparing for a competition this month and have been practising daily at Zeekoevlei Primary at the school hall.

Otherwise, they practice every Tuesday and Thursday.

“Chelsey is so passionate about gymnastics that if she does play outside she teaches the children in the area to do basic gymnastics like the splits,” Leticia adds.

If you would like to assist, please contact Leticia on 062 509 5718.

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