Mnqasela to fix load shedding in 100 days if elected

Alliance of Citizens for Change (ACC) president Masizole Mnqasela.

Alliance of Citizens for Change (ACC) president Masizole Mnqasela.

Published Mar 26, 2024


Cape Town - The Alliance of Citizens for Change (ACC) president Masizole Mnqasela has made a bold promise to fix “load shedding in 100 days” if voted into power in the May elections.

In its manifesto statement, titled Thetha Nathi, a Xhosa word translated into “talk to us”, Mnqasela said the party loves South Africa too much to let it slide into a complete collapse because of indecision and nonchalant behaviour by the ANC government and that it will fix load shedding within 100 days if elected.

The party has also confirmed that Mzoli Ngcawuzele, a once popular owner of Mzoli’s shisanyama in Gugulethu who is now ill and confined to a wheelchair, is a member of the ACC.

“Yes, we can confirm he is a member in good standing,” said Athandile Siyo, ACC’s media manager.

Among its promises, the party said it would provide free education from Grade zero to the first degree.

The party said if it were to rule, there will be life imprisonment for corrupt politicians and public officials without an option for parole.

“Life imprisonment for those who are convicted of drug-related crimes without an option for parole. Drugs destroy the future of our children; they rob them of a full life of productivity and are a crime against humanity.

“Clinics and police stations within a 5-kilometre radius: We will bring back the old commandos to police farms to protect farmworkers and farm owners so that we remove the threat of food insecurity. Our choice of development must recognise human dignity and justice.”

Mnqasela said this is a manifesto of hope and growth.

“It carries the aspirations of the millions of South Africans who live in squalor and despair.

“ACC believes that we will never celebrate human rights when millions live in abject poverty, hunger, unemployment, hopelessness, and deprivation. Changers, we need to declare war against hunger and disease,” said Mnqasela.

“We are eight months old now. Look around you and see the multitudes of supporters who are here in person and those who are watching at home to witness the unfolding of history in the body politic of South Africa.

“On July 15, 2023, this great movement was born and immediately galloped to establish itself in all provinces of our beautiful country,” he added.

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