HI-TECH: A R1.5 million Lumenis M22 laser was recently donated to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital to treat burns.
Cape Town - Child burn victims will receive improved treatment at the The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital’s Burns Unit after it received a donation of a new Lumenis M22 laser valued at R1.5 million. The donation's from non-profit charity The Phoenix Burns Project.

The donation comes after the hospital opened its state-of-the-art paediatric ICU, that cost R125m.President of the Phoenix Burns Project, Peter Martinez Germano, said that donating the laser was very important to them.

“This has been an opportunity for us to give something that will improve the quality of life for someone who needs it, and that is all that matters at the end of the day."

It is said to be the only burns unit in Africa to offer this life-changing therapy. “This laser will complement the existing Ultrapulse CO2 laser to offer the full range of laser scar treatment capabilities of the burns unit,” said Red Cross spokesperson Dwayne Evans.

The M22 laser targets haemoglobin in the blood.

“The M22 laser energy is preferentially used in early vascular scars, rich in tiny blood vessels and therefore haemoglobin, thus destroying the tiny blood vessels in the scar without causing damage to the surrounding tissue,” said Germano.

“It can be used as early as four to six weeks after the burn, while reducing the problematic burn scar itching that causes intense frustration, sleep deprivation and that requires multiple medications to control,” he added.

ABC Challenge Hiker and Biker, Cripps Sears & Partners, Phoenix Flyers, Woodside, Total Oil, Schlumberger, Wood Mackenzie and the European Burn Association were also involved in making this process a reality.

Cape Argus