Solar panels reduce demand for generated energy, which is good for the planet.
Solar panels reduce demand for generated energy, which is good for the planet.

Province going solar, says Premier Helen Zille

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Dec 5, 2018

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Cape Town - With load shedding causing blackouts nationally, Premier Helen Zille said the provincial government’s energy security game-changer was edging towards its aim to see a 10% reduction in current demand from Eskom by 2020.

Zille said the provincial government recently launched a solar PV municipal tariff map for the province.

“The easy-to-use map shows the different solar PV tariffs applicable for installation of solar PV across 18 municipalities in the province for various uses. This includes residential, commercial, large-scale power use or agricultural. A big part of the game-changer is to encourage the increased uptake of rooftop solar PV.

"We have set the ambitious target of increasing the contribution of solar PV to the province’s electricity supply to 135MW by 2020,” she said adding that they aimed for a 10% reduction of demand from Eskom by 2020.

In 2015, the energy security game-changer aimed to drive energy efficiency and increasing the installed capacity of rooftop solar PV.

“Since then, about 70MW of solar PV has been installed in the province. It is now legal in 22 municipalities to connect rooftop solar PV to the electricity grid, with 18 of the 22 municipalities having nationally approved tariffs in place, meaning users can be compensated for feeding their surplus power back into the municipal electricity grid,” Zille said.

The provincial Department of Public Works and Transport has committed R43 million for 14 solar PV installations.


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