Resurfacing of Victoria Road and Albert Road in Woodstock and Salt River

Picture: @CityofCT on X

Picture: @CityofCT on X

Published Mar 27, 2024


Cape Town - City of Cape Town’s Urban Mobility Directorate is advising residents, road users and businesses of the resurfacing of Victoria Road and Albert Road in the Salt River and Woodstock area.

The work, which started on Monday, is scheduled for completion by the end of June. That is if all goes as planned.

The resurfacing will take place from 8.30am to 3.30pm on weekdays and Sundays, and sometimes at night between 6.30pm and 5.30am.

Mayco member for urban mobility Rob Quintas said: “The scope of the road works includes the resurfacing of the affected roads (including Salt River Circle) and ancillary works.

“The ancillary works include isolated repairs to the sidewalks, kerbs and channels, concrete defects and repainting of road markings.”

Quintas said that some drainage maintenance work would require a possible lane closure, but consideration would be given to doing this at night.

“Woodstock and Salt River are busy areas with a lot of movement passing through and within these suburbs.

“I want to thank road users and pedestrians for their patience while we are doing general maintenance.

“Unfortunately, there will be some noise and dust pollution during this time, but we will try to get the job done as soon as possible,” Quintas said.

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