Seniors tread water to improve their physical well-being

Getting ready for their aqua aerobics at Wynberg Swimming Pool. Picture by City of Cape Town

Getting ready for their aqua aerobics at Wynberg Swimming Pool. Picture by City of Cape Town

Published Mar 25, 2024


Cape Town - A group of 60 seniors made waves when they took part in the aqua aerobics and learn-to-swim programmes at the City of Cape Town’s Wynberg Swimming Pool this past weekend.

Aqua aerobics is ideal for older people as it offers a low-impact yet highly effective workout, promoting cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility.

The programme, launched in January, provides seniors with a rejuvenating fitness and aquatic activity approach to improve their physical well-being and water skills.

City’s Mayco member for community services and health, Councillor Patricia van der Ross, said programmes like these highlight just how multi-faceted our facilities are and that they offer far more than just a day at the pool to cool off.

The group enjoys the aqua aerobics. Picture by City of Cape Town

“Participants, ranging from seasoned aqua enthusiasts to beginners, gather at the Wynberg Swimming Pool every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays to engage in invigorating aqua aerobics sessions led by lifeguards, with the assistance of other City staff members.

“Moreover, the programme includes learn-to-swim sessions, allowing seniors to build confidence and develop essential water safety skills under the guidance of lifeguards.

“From mastering basic strokes to refining technique, participants progress at their own pace in a supportive and encouraging environment,” Van der Ross said.

Van der Ross further added that the programme will continue until the end of the current season, and interested individuals can enrol in October 2024 before the new season starts.

One of the participants, Esme Ross, 74, from Fairways, said she found the programme revitalising.

“The aqua aerobics sessions have improved my overall fitness, while the swimming lessons have empowered me to embrace a new skill and boost my confidence in the water. It's very therapeutic.”

Meanwhile, Jodee Veldsman, a 52-year-old participant from Lansdowne, said the programme exceeded her expectations.

“Not only have I noticed improvements in my physical health, but I've also found a renewed sense of joy and vitality through these activities. I grew up loving water, taught myself how to swim, but learned proper techniques by attending swimming days at Wynberg Swimming Pool.”

For seniors interested in joining the aqua aerobics or the learn-to-swim programme, or to learn more about available sessions, please contact the Wynberg Swimming Pool for further details at 021 400 5396.