FACELIFT: Renovations being made to the Service Dining Rooms in the city. On Wednesday, people were being served outside the premises due to the construction work. Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - For more than 85 years the Service Dining Rooms in Canterbury Street have been feeding the less fortunate a warm meal five days a week at 11.30am sharp at a cost of R1.

Founded by Doris Syfret in 1939, around 800 meals get served every day. A combination of permanent staff and volunteers make up the workforce responsible for preparing, cooking and cleaning the rooms.

The Sunday lunch is prepared and served by volunteers from the Central Methodist Church on Greenmarket Square.

The Grand Dame is currently undergoing a facelift of note. The last time there was any renovation rooms was in 1996.

They are upgrading the kitchen to maintain health and safety standards.

They are in the process of painting the walls and sanding the floors in the dining rooms.

There is a kids’ corner where mothers can let the kids play and enjoy a meal separate from the adults.

They are replacing the kitchen equipment to keep up with the growing demand for more and more people needing their services, this in particular with the increase in Sassa pensioners since the increase in VAT. They are planning to have outside tables and put canopies so that it stays dry on the rainy days.

* If members of the public want to get involved or like to make a donation, please mail Karen Cain: [email protected]


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