UK ‘dealer’ offers R200 000 for bail

Alleged drug dealer Callum Gower is arrested after fleeing his homeland in the UK. Pcture: supplied

Alleged drug dealer Callum Gower is arrested after fleeing his homeland in the UK. Pcture: supplied

Published Mar 19, 2024


Cape Town - An alleged drug dealer accused of fleeing his homeland in the UK and settling in Constantia to avoid prosecution has offered R200000 for his release on bail.

This was revealed in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court as Callum Gower returned for his ongoing bail hearing on Friday.

Gower was arrested with his mother Caroline Sevier, 51, by the Hawks and Interpol, for allegedly fleeing their home in Sussex as they faced a string of drug charges.

In the extradition application, UK authorities outlined the details of the investigation into the duo.

According to a statement by the Chief Crown Prosecutor, the information compiled in the application dated back to June 2020, when a warrant of arrest was issued for Gower.

The application, which consists of statements by UK detectives, indicates that Gower and his mother were accused of running drug houses in Hastings, and faced a range of charges dating back to 2014.

During raids at his home, police confiscated £23 075 (R557 080) in cash and drugs valued at nearly £400 000 (R9 656 872).

The court documents state that in March 2014, Sevier was stopped while driving her blue Vauxhall Astra and police seized a set of keys in her possession. When they arrived at the home, they discovered the stash of drugs hidden all across the house comprising of dagga, MDMA, cocaine and other drugs.

Their bail applications have since been opposed by the State, which has outlined that Gower was a flight risk.

In his application, submitted by advocate Bruce Hendricks, Gower claimed he was not a flight risk and said UK authorities did not have any real evidence.

“There is no direct evidence linking me to the illegal substances found and the Crown relies on circumstantial evidence. Specifically in respect of the ‘cocaine’ found at the one premises, I am not connected to those drugs or that property.

“My fingerprints are only alleged to be found on one empty ‘freezer bag’.”

In the State’s opposition, they highlighted that if granted bail, Gower would flee to avoid being extradited to the UK.

“The applicant faces lengthy terms of imprisonment for the alleged offences. It is respectfully submitted that this will be an incentive for the applicant to flee the extradition proceedings and in doing so, flee the trial proceedings in the UK,’’ the court papers read.

The case has been postponed to April 26 for bail judgment.

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